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    I am absolutely delighted with my two 8X phones, however, there is one thing... I can't download attachments which I need to be able to send to clients and employees.

    So, I sold my iPhone 4, which was my backup phone running on a prepaid. Moved its prepaid to my Blue 8X and got me a OneX+ for my private phone.

    8X Where it is simply better than anything I have had.
    1. Email. I love the fact that I can pin each account separately and avoid the constant shifting between accounts like on an iPhone. Also, mail sync with Hotmail and Exchange is a non issue. (we use Kerio Mail).
    2. Contacts. Be it Android or iOS... they don't even come close to the excellent contact management on WP8
    3. Ease of Use. With my custom layout start screen, I find and do what what I need very quickly.
    4. Screen accuracy. The 4.3 inch LCD2 merits its classification by chip.de as the best LCD screen in a sub 5'' smartphone.
    5. Games... XBOX games are great, and there is a good selection of games for my 6 year old daughter.
    6. Ease of use... my daughter can call me, her mom, use this phone with ease. Thanks to pinned mom and dad contacts with picture. Great if you are divorced.
    7. Reception. Both my 8X have good reception, much better than the iPhone 3G, 4 and 4S I have had. Also better than my former Lumia 900.
    8. Sound. Beats Audio. It is better, no question.
    9. Stability... I have had no reboots, no freezes. Comparing that to other first OS releases, this is a good start.
    10. Design. I just love the design of the 8X, look and especially the feel.
    11. Very easy to install security certificates in WP over IE10.
    12. Very good camera.
    13. Up to 7 hours of HSPA+ surfing in medium brightness.
    14. Front camera is great for Skype.

    8X Glitches.
    1. Sometimes when I use my Jabra hands free headset, it calls up a contact when I end the Bluetooth connection. This is lock screen.
    2. Inability to download and resend documents like PDF, WORD and EXCEL files. THIS IS BAD!
    3. Email tries to sync while in WLAN mode even if the connection is cut in lock screen, obvious in the battery meter chart.
    4. No separate volume control for phone and music.

    OneX+ This is where the OneX+ is better than anything I have had.
    1. Screen size. Less DPI but more screen, just makes typing great. Also brighter than 8X screen.
    2. Beats audio Sound.
    3. Many free available apps.
    4. Great Sense interface and great looks of the widgets.
    5. 64Gb is cool. Lots of music, pictures and stuff.
    6. No need for .Net 4.5... simply hook up to PC and copy the files.
    7. Battery life. Since the last patch, I went from 5 1/2 hours to 8 hours of surfing in Auto Brightness over WLAN.
    8. Chrome with flash is cool.
    9. Very good camera with more extras than 8X, like lenses. (Nokia has copied this idea for the Lumia 920)
    10. Good phone speaker.
    11. Skype is great to use, runs in background... seems +/- stable.
    12. Auto app update works well, better than on WP8.
    13. Ok, the Tegra3 in the OneX+ is quite fast. Fast enough for a fluid Android experience.

    Where Android is Lousy in hurts the OneX+
    1. Email. This is STONE AGE quality. Works great with Google mail, for the rest you need apps, like Outlook app and Moxier for Exchange.
    2. Contact system. Total crap. You can not even create local groups, all must be over your Google account.
    3. Stability: Have about 1 Freeze every 72 hours. WLAN on/off function in an encrypted network and maybe also Skype seem culprits. Hard to say.
    4. Apps are data thieves. Where on WP8 you can get apps that will not download much or anything from your phone... Android just observes you like big brother and most apps record who you are calling.
    5. Ability to see everything with a file manager comes with the ability to blast everything if you are not good at IT.
    6. Charging time... Never had a phone that recharges so slowly. Mine will usually require nearly 4 hours to fill up from 20%
    7. I can only attach documents under the Outlook app. Does not seem to work with Moxier mail. But at least I can do it.
    8. Hill Billy style auto correct... No way to disable it in stock Android and the ability to have two languages does not help when you use 3 or more. Underline only in WP8 is superior.

    Right now, I will keep my OneX+ a while. Until I can do all with a WP8 device with 64Gb. Android... seems like an eternal BETA to me... In the end I want the power, ease of use and stability of WP8 with lots more memory and the ability to attach documents like on Android. Like that OneX+ running WP8 would be just fine! Even if it only had a dual core S4.

    (PS. Revised this to make it easier to read. Thx. for telling me to do that.)
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    This was a rather long winded post! I actually thought about doing something like you mention though. I have an 8x (which I am going to sell because I decided to go the Lumia 920 route) and I still have my HTC One X. Recently that One X+ was looking really good as a main, but I decided to just stick it out with windows phones. My wife likes windows phones and for the most part I like to use the same OS as my wife. The only thing that keeps me away from Android is that there is a sense of lack of uniformity and things just seem to get jumbled up. Probably because of my own doing with all the meaningless apps I downloaded.

    The One X is by far THE BEST FEELING PHONE EVER. I think the only downside to the phone's looks is the way the camera protrudes and the lens just looks huge. The 8x has a nice simple looking lens. I really miss the functions of the One X camera though. the rapid shots and the ability to take pics while recording a video and then you can actually go back in the video and take pics within the video....awesome. If that was on a windows phone, it would've been a match made in heaven. Functional wise, i don't think anyone "beats" the One X camera. Quality wise, well yeah there is better. I mean the One X even could do HDR shots as well which is great.

    But I share your disappointment with WP inability so save attachments to the phone. Such an oversight in my opinion. Some people say it's because we dont have access to a file system. So why not make the files easily recognizable and then set aside a space for .doc files, .wmv files, etc.
    11-28-2012 06:58 AM
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    Well on WP8, we can access our files using a USB cable. You just need to install .NET 4.5 first. I see no reason why MS would not allow a Documents folder in which we could create some folders for PDF, DOC and XLS files.
    For me, that is also my primary grippe with WP8... We need the ability to save and resend files, badly...
    11-28-2012 07:45 AM
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    If you want lots of storage, and a big screen, sounds like the ATIV S is for you.

    With a 4.7 (i think) and SD Card capability, sounds like its right up your street. If Samsung ever release them.
    11-28-2012 09:55 AM
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    I am absolutely delighted with my two 8X phones, however, there is one thing... I can't download attachments which I need to be able to send to clients and employees.

    So... what did I do... well, I had an iPhone 4 which was on a prepaid, so I sold that, took the prepaid card that was in it, put it into my Blue 8X, got me a OneX+ as a stopgap private phone until a) I can download and resend files b) Get a WP8 with a great screen and keyboard size like on the OneX+

    To be clear, for business, the phone that I always have with me is my BLACK 8X. But for my private phone, I want something with a bigger screen and more memory.

    So my Android is a stopgap... but let me tell you how the OneX+ and the 8X compare to each other in everyday use.

    First, the only time the 8X is a bit jerky is when I wake it from the lock screen and it first establishes a WLAN connection. Better to wait here until the line is up. Other than that, the 8X is a totally fast and responsive phone. My battery is also doing good now and even if I use it quite a bit, I end the day around midnight with about 20% battery left. The WP8 email client is just great for Hotmail and Exchange (we use a Kerio mail server). I do sync every one of my Hotmail folders and about 20 Exchange folders. The email on the WP8 is light years ahead of anything you get on the Android. Also the ease with which I can manage and edit contacts on the 8X is just superb. The other big plus is the XBOX games... we have less, but just simply better quality, especially for my daughter who is only 6. My only gripe about the 8X... the 4.3 inch screen size. While the colors and resolution are outstanding and according to chip.de the best in the market... I find it too small to type fast unless I use the landscape mode. I am also very pleased with the build in camera. The pictures are very good as long as it is not a night shoot.
    While for my business phone 16Gb is enough, for my private phone I need more... cause of my pictures and music. Like on the OneX+ beats audio is great.
    Voice quality is better on the 8X than on the OneX+. Which again, is ideal for what I use it for, business. For navigation, I use Navigon, but I only use it for short distances... I have a Garmin in my car for longer trips.

    My other Blue 8X, has a prepaid now... full of games for my daughter. She loves it, because being only 6 she can navigate WP8, call me, her mom, live tiles with pictures are such a great idea! Just perfect for a divorced guy like me, as a safety measure... a phone any child can use with ease.

    As to the OneX+. First... when I got the phone, which is just a few days back, stability and battery life was an issue, which however was addressed by a patch I got on Nov 27th. Since then the battery life has improved from 5 1/2 hours of WLAN surfing and email to nearly 8 hours, without using the power savings mode in auto brightness. Ok, that is very good cause I type a lot on my phone. As to email... WELCOME TO THE STONE AGE... Android email is JUNK, plain and simple, the only thing that works properly is Gmail. If you want Hotmail you need the Hotmail app from MS. For Exchange I had to buy Moxier mail, which is so so but works if you don't sync more than 5 or 6 folders. As to contacts, you have to edit your Exchange contacts using the Moxier app. But frankly, I avoid that, don't trust the thing at all. While the 8X shuts down WLAN and then reconnects, if you select that option on the OneX+... the phone WILL freeze if you are in a encrypted network, so I leave WLAN always on... with battery and the latest patch it is a non issue now. The good stuff on the OneX+ is that the phone is fast, has a bit brighter good sized screen, and is nice to type on... well except for an overly invasive auto correct feature which CAN NOT be turned off with the stock software. Very handy if you write in 3 languages and mix languages while you type. Just shows you the rather (hill billy) approach of languages that Android is having... no comparo with the much superior underline only function on WP8. The other nice thing is the ability to create folders on the phone, the beats audio amp, the widgets are great looking as is the animated background... still... none of this makes me faster.. rather detracts me from what I want to do. The camera is very good like on the 8X, has a few neat features like fast shoots and lenses. (So MS got some ideas here LOL).

    So... the OneX+ will stay with me as my private mobile phone, until I get all I want on a WP8 device... for me Android is a very good OS for the regular Joe, for business use with so much spying going on by Google, like recording who you call and so on... useless. As a stopgap private phone, for me it is also great. But if I can get 4.7 inches of screen and a good battery life and the ability to download and resend files on a WP8 device... the OneX+ will be sold immediately, Android is just to much like iOS for me and not as quick to use as what I want.

    Maybe a Lumia 920... maybe... But I can also wait for a quad core WP8 device and buy that in mid 2013. I want 64Gb of storage. SO even a 8X+ with that kind of memory would be attractive to me! Please HTC make a big WP8 out of the OneX+, I will buy one :-), I think many will. HTC could make some OneX+ variation in Blue like the 8X... that would be the outstanding WP8 device... the one I would buy immediately. One8+ :-) Oh yeah :-)

    I really do prefer the 8X over the OneX+, mainly because of the OS, its great shape and design. Quality wise both the 8X and the OneX+ are top notch, HTC has definitely learned from some past mistakes, which, were also due to Android not being a model of stability... which in a way... is detrimental to the OneX+ cause it is also a superb device like the 8X, albeit larger and less suited for being carried around in a shirt pocket.

    My 8X are both keepers, my OneX+ handicapped by an OS which is not the OS that matches the OneX+ quality and capability. Sad, that such a great piece of hardware as the OneX+ is only available with an OS that... is simply no good for business use, cause I want my private phone to be good at everything, a flexible power phone, camera, mobile computer that I can take along when I need it, to listen music, take pictures or work from my couch, while I also watch a movie.

    As to the OneX+... I will not keep this phone longer than I have to... Android Email is just too pathetic. Android is the whole issue here.

    So my opinion is that he 8X format is ideal for business use and for anyone that can live with umersonly 8 or 16Gb of memory. (Both mine are 16Gb.)
    * I have had ZERO reboots. Battery life on both my 8X is perfectly good for a day or good use. Both are unlocked HSPA+ international models.

    (Too bad one can not install WP8 as a software one a OneX+... that would be so COOL! Why MS, why no WP8 upgrade for Android which can be flashed!)
    try attaching a document to an email reply on the 8x. You can do that on an Android device. That is why I am returning the 8x. The email is not much better than the iPhone and there is no access to any document files. Can't delete a PDF for example. This is definitely not made for business users but for media and social networking customers. Mobile Office is featureless compared to the third party options on Android.
    11-28-2012 05:30 PM
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    Too long....
    11-28-2012 05:48 PM
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    I know I am jumping in on an old thread but I have had issues with my 8X and onto the 3rd one already. This one works a charm but I have been really annoyed. That said I have been with WP since day 1 literally I rushed out at 8am and was the first person in store to buy my HD7. I love WP and have a lot of money invested in apps etc. That said I didn't think it would matter but I am really struggling with the 16gb for music and since being spoilt with beats my zune sounds weak and old.

    Now comes the cat in the pigeons as I kicked off about my first 2 not working Phones4u have now offered a straight swap for a OneX+. with 64gb and beats as well as quad core and cisco anyconnect client etc I am having a real hard time not jumping on it. As someone who has used both I would love to know if the beats on the onex+ is as good as the 8x (that has extra hardware not just software like the onex+). Also is the feel of the phone as smooth and slick ie touch screen as sensitive etc. My last use of Android was my HTC Desire so I still have this old image of it in my head but then I used my wife's note 2 for a bit and it seems slick as anything.

    Basically I want to know if I am just being an MS fanboi not wanting to give up on my 8x or is the onex+ actually as good but with more memory? After all its over 100 more expensive?
    12-12-2012 04:24 AM
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    To send a document open the document -> select share -> select account -> type message
    12-12-2012 11:09 AM
  9. Coolknight1968's Avatar
    Will look once more, but it does not seem to work from the pdf app in WP8. As to my Android, I got a bunch of HTC updates, did a hard reset and now it behaves and I can attach docs to all my email accounts. I must say... the OneX+ with Sense is not bad at all... I like it way better than iOS.
    12-12-2012 05:13 PM
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    You may not be able to with a PDF in Microsoft PDF Reader, PDF Reader is terrible. I just forward the email the PDF was in, or I can share it from Box app.

    Adobe Reader for WP7 could, hopefully Adobe Reader comes to WP8 or someone writes something new.
    12-12-2012 05:41 PM
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    You have to install .Net 4.5 on a computer to be able to use your phone as USB drive? Maybe that's the limit. I guess i will just buy the HTC Butterfly instead of HTC 8x. WP are great and i am a WP lover, but too many crazy restrictions. I am just getting sick of it...
    12-13-2012 04:21 AM

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