07-13-2016 09:06 PM
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  1. Sanchit Varma's Avatar
    My 7 day old Blue Unlocked(India) HTC 8X just died on its own while it was kept in the pocket. Had gone out to lunch on Saturday and had kept the mobile in my pocket and when I exited the restaurant I noticed that the phone was dead. I didn't think much of it and thought the battery must have died but when I reached home I realized that the phone was not charging, not being detected by the computer, and even the volume down plus power button reset combination was not working

    I called up HTC customer care and they told me to visit a Service Centre and get the phone replaced as it was within the 14 day replacement period but as Sunday was a holiday had to wait till Monday to visit the Service Centre.The Service Centre people were pretty helpful and gave me a Dead On Arrival Certificate without much questioning and now I have to go the shop I bought the phone from today to get the phone replaced. Hope it all goes smooth.

    So the HTC service was quite smooth but the question is why did a 7 day old phone randomly die on its own? makes me question the quality of the product.....But on the other hand I am completely happy with the 8X and love it to the core so just wish this is a one-off incident. Has anybody else experienced such an issue?
    12-24-2012 02:51 PM
  2. Coolknight1968's Avatar
    The S4 is in short supply, might have gotten a faulty SOC.
    12-24-2012 03:20 PM
  3. Sanchit Varma's Avatar
    So now the store is not able to procure stock of the Blue 8X and my Dead On Arrival certificate expires on Friday..... Fine mess you have put me in HTC!
    And yeah...maybe a faulty SOC.....now just hoping i do get the phone replaced!!
    12-25-2012 03:18 PM
  4. Coolknight1968's Avatar
    Go to the store, show them the certificate and give them your broken phone. Let them give you a document that you are entitled to a new 8X when it is available. A paid reservation document. That should be no problem. Try to have a clause that you can get a full refund if you don't get your phone within 20 days. Negotiate a little.
    India no? Bribe the sales guy!
    12-25-2012 05:26 PM
  5. amlubsyoo's Avatar
    IT HAPPENED TO ME TODAY! I was just listening to music in my car and my phone was connected to the aux port. when suddenly the music stopped and i was left confused. i plugged it to my car charger and the light wasn't on to indicate it was charging. now it's been 3 hours and i have lost hope...

    what is going on?!
    01-02-2013 11:02 AM
  6. envio's Avatar
    I'm sorry to say that I need to add myself to the list. My phone died some point during the night with no previous warning or issues. It was working as I went to sleep and this morning, it was dead. After 4 hours charging, trying to see if it would come back to life, I came to the sad realisation that it was terminal.

    I took it back to the Phones 4 U (UK) and they were absolutely fantastic. I don't know if the experience would have been different had the phone not been more than 30 days old (died on day 28) but after a brief conversation with their HQ support, they exchanged it in-store, like for like. This is despite the fact that I did not take out their Care plan. Thank-you P4U, u rock! I'm now finding out well the WP8 backup works, will write it up shortly.
    01-11-2013 09:16 AM
  7. k1ckdapro's Avatar
    Mine died too today after just 2 days of usage. I left it with 70% on my bed. When I came back after 15 minutes it was off and I couldn't turn it on anymore. There is also no charging LED when plugging it in and the key-combos won't work either.

    So I guess I have to return it.
    01-13-2013 05:47 AM
  8. Omnislash9998's Avatar
    Ive had this also. I left my phone 20 minutes however and its now working again. Not very hopeful of it not happening again. 😞
    01-13-2013 01:15 PM
  9. getanin's Avatar
    Mine dued today as well. I left it last time at around 50% and since then no life sign. I returned it today, lets wait what they will tell
    01-14-2013 05:35 PM
  10. ny_yankees's Avatar
    My first one died within 24 hours of purchasing it, would not charge at all or turn on, had to return it and get a new one
    01-14-2013 06:03 PM
  11. pjotr11's Avatar
    Mine died suddenly after 3 times of charging overnight. In the neherlands htc says they dont know of any problems with sudden death, on the internet however theres enough written about it.
    The worst thing is that it takes 4 till 6 weeks to either replace or repair the carrier, shame on you HTC!!!!.
    01-15-2013 10:15 AM
  12. khollin1's Avatar
    Sadly. I have the same story with my 8X. At 4PM walking the floor at CES, it worked fine. Put it in my pocket and walked back to the hotel. When I got there, it was inert. Prior to that, it had been the best phone I ever had- no rebooting, fast, attractive. Loved it.
    Verizon was great. While working a trade show had to have a phone. They arranged an Android loaner and sent me a refurb replacement, which was waiting for me when I got back from Las Vegas. Windows phone backup made it very easy to restore almost all my content. Still love the phone, but I'm definitely nervous.
    Should have mentioned that I'd had it since it first came out on Verizon- almost two months.
    Last edited by khollin1; 01-15-2013 at 11:44 AM. Reason: Added how long I've had the 8X.
    01-15-2013 11:37 AM
  13. tomatoes11's Avatar
    Typical HTC quality. Instead of paying Apple for every Android handset or spending money making basically three of the same phone Butterfly/DNA/M7, they should try actually investing some money in quality control for once in their life and concentrate on one phone for once.
    01-15-2013 11:55 AM
  14. pjotr11's Avatar
    update: got my device back in one and a half week. they flashed new software, how they did that beats me cause I did not manage to do a software reset and therefore I thougt it would be impossible to get into the system.
    Till now it works flawlessly but I am not convinced that the phone is not gonna black out on me again. Another thing that I find strange is that wireless charging is supported with verizon and not with other carriers, why not equip all htc 8x with wireless charging?. The design is wonderful but if it breaks down on me again this is the last htc I will buy ever.
    01-25-2013 06:41 AM
  15. Ray Rogers's Avatar
    Mine is on it's way back to HTC service centre, this is the second time it's died on me. The first time I was able to get it going again, but this time. . not. I just hope it's not going to be too long before I get it back.
    01-25-2013 09:41 AM
  16. skaterob's Avatar
    Mine died today. Very similar description as everyone else in this chain. I closed ie and thought phone went to sleep. I pushed button and tried to wake it but no response. I've held the button and attempted to restart but no response. I will research if there is any option for me to fix, but all appears that I must take it to the shop. I am disappointed to need to address an issue like this at all.
    01-26-2013 02:01 PM
  17. pjotr11's Avatar
    Update: This morning phone dead, the phone house had to send it to the service centre again. Hate this phone now, just put all my stuff back on it.
    01-26-2013 02:10 PM
  18. KKINKSA's Avatar

    02-05-2013 09:51 AM
  19. KKINKSA's Avatar
    Can some tell what is the reason for the phone being dead ? There should be some technical reason or it is that all phones are factory defect
    02-05-2013 09:55 AM
  20. BotanicalStig's Avatar
    Mine did this to me yesterday as well :( I loved this phone. After having four faulty 920's this one 8x was perfect... I think every windows phone gets cursed while it rolls off the assembly line.
    02-06-2013 10:51 AM
  21. Ultimateone's Avatar
    welp after over a month of my flawless 8X, mine **** the bed also, just dead as a doornail today, new one coming tomorrow from Verizon :/
    02-06-2013 01:29 PM
  22. Ray Rogers's Avatar
    Just got mine back today from service. The girl at the Bell store said that they changed the main board and the sim bed. Here's hoping.
    02-07-2013 08:32 PM
  23. pjotr11's Avatar
    update: got my phone back, they did a boardswap and a software upgrade. I drained the battery a couple of times and now everything just seems to be alright. however I dont trust the phone anymore and have a pre paid around just in case. it seems to be a hard ware issue cause they swapt the hole thing.
    02-15-2013 07:45 PM
  24. Darren Bennett's Avatar
    I have had three HTC 8x die on me in one week....The third went tonight after having it less then 24 hours. TMobile is being good about returning it but I am getting tired of reinstalling and configuring everything. I was very surprised to see the number of people having this issue. My first HTC 8x lasted 4 months, second lasted 4 days, third was less then 24 hours.
    02-15-2013 11:24 PM
  25. Werner Baron's Avatar
    Exact same problem. Now my 2nd phone has died. First time was when it was in my pocket... one second it was working, the next it was dead and every attempt to bring it to life was to no avail. The 2nd phone just now died while charging overnight. This is an amazing phone while it is working, but now having 2 completely die on me has made me lose confidence in it and am looking to switch to a new model.
    03-06-2013 11:57 AM
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