1. gdsaar's Avatar
    Has anyone invested yet in a screen protector for this phone? I love the way the screen looks and even feels but I can't help feeling that it might one day meet concrete, and I wanted advice on the best protection. Is there any product out there on the market that you recommend that doesn't detract too much from the look and feel yet provides good defense for cheap? There don't seem to be many out there...
    01-08-2013 03:39 PM
  2. lucas.scott's Avatar
    I bought a zagg.. and removed it after a couple of days.

    I usually love zagg products on all my devices.... just didnt feel right on my 8x...

    So for now i will gamble and try and be extremely careful.
    01-08-2013 04:02 PM
  3. Alex Meander's Avatar
    ArmorSuit Military Shield !! They have lifetime warranty too, haha.
    02-01-2013 03:49 PM
  4. sportrckr's Avatar
    I don't use a screen protector on any of my devices. The thing has gorilla glass and I don't keep it in my pocket with other things so I'm not too worried.
    02-01-2013 04:13 PM
  5. autumnride's Avatar
    Yeh its gorilla glass 2, so there is no reason to worry about screen scratches!! I am not a fan of protection anyway! Don't make such an perfectly designed and gorgeous looking phone look crappy with all that protection!! :)
    02-02-2013 01:01 AM
  6. beachhoppr's Avatar
    Bodyguardz has been really good
    02-02-2013 05:17 AM
  7. ajua's Avatar
    Bodyguardz has been really good
    Do you feel like you lost some brightness or angle viewing with that screen protector? Any cons about it? Can you post pics? Thanks.
    02-02-2013 12:55 PM
  8. berty6294's Avatar
    I got this Amazon.com: Fosmon Anti-Glare (Matte) Screen Protector Shield for HTC Windows Phone 8X / Zenith - 3 Pack: Cell Phones & Accessories

    It was easy to put on and feels really good to the finger. Very easy to swipe on it and it is very strong and resistant to scratches and tears! However, it does not cover all of the glass and it makes the display look very cloudy and blurry. Your phone will no longer look 720p with this screen protector on.
    02-02-2013 12:59 PM
  9. beachhoppr's Avatar
    Do you feel like you lost some brightness or angle viewing with that screen protector? Any cons about it? Can you post pics? Thanks.
    No and in fact the tactileness is far better IMHO
    02-03-2013 12:06 AM
  10. Alex Rodriguez Jr.'s Avatar
    Clarivue makes good products as well
    02-03-2013 12:11 AM

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