1. DeathBreath's Avatar
    It was working fine and then I went to check it and nothing. When I hit the power button the lock screen doesn't come on. I tried to soft reset it by holding down the down-volume and then the power button while plugged into power. It buzzes like it's going to reset and then it buzzing again and the red light comes on and blinks continuously like something is wrong. I'm getting ready to leave for the weekend, and I'm trying to get it up again before I leave! Your quick help is greatly appreciated! I want to avoid hard resetting if possible.

    Thanks! Dave
    01-18-2013 12:17 PM
  2. WorzelGummage's Avatar
    Try holding the Volume down + Power + Camera buttons until phone vibrates then release the power button but keep the other two pressed for about five seconds. Hopefully tour phone will no boot up normally. You won't lose any data using this reset but you might have to reset the date and time.
    01-18-2013 01:02 PM
  3. jlangner's Avatar
    Mine died same way, T-Mobile sent me a replacement. Not sure problem. Call HTC support as well, they were pretty helpful as well
    01-19-2013 11:09 AM
  4. ny_yankees's Avatar
    My first one died out within 24 hours of owning it. I had to get a new one. Unfortunately you might too
    01-20-2013 01:58 PM
  5. JerseySal's Avatar
    Maybe your deathbreath killed it. j/k Mine was acting funny too, so I replaced it.
    DeathBreath likes this.
    01-21-2013 08:23 AM
  6. DeathBreath's Avatar
    HI All. I was away for 4 days, so couldn't respond. Short story long, I took the phone to Verizon and sadly they were googling how to reset the phone LMAO! They ordered me a "new" phone and I should have it tomorrow.

    I tried hard and soft resets with no luck. If there is no power plugged in, the phone does nothing. If I plug in power, it usually boots with a blinking red light. Sometimes I can get the HTC splash screen and right before it boots into the OS, it reboots again into the HTC splash screen. If I let it continue to reboot, it will eventually go back to booting into a red blinking light. If it does that, it just sits there with the red blinking light. If I unplug the power, the phone dies immediately no matter what state it's in. And last, once it booted and showed a large white exclamation point. Anyhoo, mostly posting my thoughts so other can see what happened. Cheers!
    01-22-2013 01:31 PM
  7. DeathBreath's Avatar
    FYI - I had the phone since mid-November
    01-22-2013 01:36 PM
  8. slap0rama's Avatar
    That sucks. I had my phone for a day and then it died on me as well. I called T-Mobile and none of their suggestions helped and neither was anything I searched online so they had me ship it back and now I am waiting for my new phone to come in. At least you got everything fixed and I wish you the best of luck with your new phone.
    01-23-2013 09:25 AM
  9. DavidinCT's Avatar
    Mine died last night. I was watching TV, I checked email, hit the power button to shut of the screen and now it will not wake up. Tried to hold power + Down and tried Power + down + camera, it does nothing at all. Plug into USB and the computer does not even see it. Put it on my QI charger and the charger lit up showing it saw the battery but the phone does nothing. Nothing happens on the phone, power button or the screen lighting up, Nothing at all. Completely dead.

    Called up Verizon, they are sending me a new one next day, so I will have a replacement tomorrow, no phone for me tonight... :(

    I hope this is not a really common problem but, I have seen a bunch of people with the same problem.
    01-23-2013 10:10 AM
  10. DeathBreath's Avatar
    Got my new phone last night. First thing I noticed is that all of the buttons work much better than my old phone. On my old phone, the buttons felt mushy and I could barely feel them when pushed. With my new phone, the buttons feel springy and I can feel a slight click. So that's one good thing. I did receive a "certified like new" phone. REstoring the backup was fast and easy. I was really impressed. Of course, as most of you know, the live tiles don't get saved, so that is one down side.

    On a side note, I wonder if the Nokia QI charger has anything to do with it? I too have that charger.
    01-23-2013 12:39 PM
  11. Westiemom's Avatar
    You guys just caused me to get up and take my phone off the wireless charger! While waiting for my phone to be delivered I read some other posts about the phone dying on the charging pad. I asked then if anyone thought that was the reason. I didn't use my charging pad for the first few days when I got my phone for that reason, but have been using it since with no problem. Until this morning....when my alarm went off on the phone there was no sound - I only knew it went off because the phone lit up. And then when I picked up the phone I realized there was no sound at all! Volume turned high as it would go and nothing! So I turned the phone off and restarted. Been fine all day since then....... but after reading this I yanked it off the pad and plugged it in! Taking no chances! :{

    Does anyone know if there have been reported problems with the wireless charging feature? :{
    01-23-2013 09:01 PM
  12. Doug Spencer's Avatar
    Had the same issue. Then tried pressing down power on and camera. Still nothing. Finally threw it down on a pillow and it vibrated!
    It booted up, but clearly this thing has issues. I've had it three weeks, but its a disaster waiting to happen. Must replace.
    04-01-2013 08:48 AM
  13. peacefulberry's Avatar
    Wow, I didn't know that the wireless charger could cause this. I'm thinking that the wireless charger is the common denominator here. I believe that all of you should contact the manufacturer of the charger as well.
    04-03-2013 09:59 PM
  14. sediq mccook's Avatar
    I did this it light up the shut off why
    10-28-2015 06:15 PM

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