1. Siah1214's Avatar
    I have been trying out an HTC 8X for a week now, and up until yesterday I loved it. Yesterday, however, I removed the SIM card in an attempt to get internet sharing, and after that, the camera app started crashing.

    So I reset the phone (hard reset) and it started working again. Installed a bunch of apps, and today I took maybe 50 pictures, and after that the app started crashing again.

    Uninstalled the apps I installed, still crashing.

    Couldn't use Bing vision, couldn't use anything. They'd all crash.

    Reset phone again, this time didn't restore from backup. Still crashing.

    I tried taking the sim out and putting it back in a few more times and that has done nothing. Very frustrated.

    Any tips?
    04-14-2013 10:48 PM
  2. jaycenornin's Avatar
    Same problem here. Except that I haven't done anything to my phone except download a couple of photo slideshow apps. At first, I tried loading up my flashlight app this afternoon and it kept displaying "warming up the flash". I tried loading the camera and it crashes back to start immediately. I rebooted the phone a couple of times, installed an update, and removed one of the slideshow apps. Still nothing. Now the flashlight app crashes immediately to start as well. If I access the camera from another location, i.e. by adding a photo to a contact, it crashes back to that location instead of start.

    I still have one of the apps I installed, I like using it though it's a pain in the neck to configure, so I hesitate to remove it. I haven't tried a hard reset either. Eventually I'll get to those steps, but I'd like to avoid it.

    Until today, when I installed updates during troubleshooting, my phone has not downloaded or installed updates for several weeks at least. The slideshow apps and normal daily use are the only variables.
    04-18-2013 07:39 PM
  3. Siah1214's Avatar
    I ended up having Verizon send me a new one, surprise surprise, it fixed it!
    04-18-2013 09:43 PM
  4. jaycenornin's Avatar
    After yet another reboot, mine is working again. I think it was that first slide show app. The app didn't work in the first place and it might have interfered with the camera driver. I'm very glad I didn't need to get a new one - I've already had Verizon send me 2 refurbs for battery trouble (turned out to be a faulty charger).
    04-19-2013 02:48 AM
  5. jaycenornin's Avatar
    Problem is back. I've rebooted several times, and removed the second slideshow app. Still nothing. I'm going to dread another hard reset >.< Almost as much as I would dread getting another replacement. This phone is turning out to be more of a pain than it's worth.
    04-22-2013 01:44 AM

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