1. jkelek's Avatar
    Looks like from the site https://forums.windowscentral.com/e?...token=D7d7lSxR it's just the black and blue available. Not sure how long the sale is or when it started. Spread the word...good phone, highly recommended!
    06-03-2013 03:31 PM
  2. coip's Avatar
    With the fantastic Lumia 928 at only $99 and now the HTC 8X at $0 (a simply amazing price for what you get), I sure would hope that Windows Phone makes huge strides now. Although, sadly, from what I've seen in my time in Verizon stores recently, I don't have my hopes up.

    After first seeing an employee try really hard to talk a customer who wanted to buy the 928 toward the Galaxy S4 instead, I then saw another employee try to talk a customer out of the free Lumia 822 toward a really crappy free LG Android phone. To the employee's credit, he did describe the LG as a "very low-end model" and the 822 as a "mid-range model", but all that did was prompt the customer to ask, "Well, what's wrong with it, then?" (i.e., why is it zero dollars if it is mid-range over the zero dollars for the low-range LG) and the employee said, "Nothing is wrong with it, just people prefer Android because it is easier to use. Windows Phone is difficult to use." Ugh.

    If people continue to buy ****ty, low-end Android phones for free instead of the amazing HTC 8X or even the Lumia 822 for the same price--and worse yet, Verizon's employees allowing this to happen--what hope does Windows Phone have?
    06-04-2013 01:57 AM

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