1. Harjit Minhas's Avatar
    i would just like to know if there are 2 versions of the 8x, one being 3g and one being 4g, reason is because my friend is looking to buy an 8x from mobicity NZ and they called up saying an 8x 4g version will cost $70 more and something didn't sound right because i have only heard of an 8x that is 4g never a 3g one
    06-06-2013 01:15 AM
  2. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    There are variants. There's a variant that can get LTE, and another that can't.

    As far as I know, the AT&T and Verizon phones are LTE enabled. The T-Mo and global versions aren't.
    06-06-2013 02:10 AM
  3. chomsky11's Avatar
    Depends on your definition of 4G. My T-Mo version is HSPA+ which they tout as 4G but is actually more like 3G+. Other carriers offer LTE. A simple check on your carrier's spec page will tell you which it is.
    06-06-2013 02:19 AM
  4. Harjit Minhas's Avatar
    hmm i mean the physical phones themselves, their stock does come from hong kong so i became suspicious
    06-06-2013 03:11 AM
  5. Motor_Mouth's Avatar
    There are 3G and 4G versions. The 3G version's model number is C620e, the 4G is C625e.
    06-07-2013 03:37 PM

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