1. matty032's Avatar
    I know most of the Nokia's will, but haven't heard anything bout the X8.
    07-11-2013 05:20 PM
  2. troylytle's Avatar
    Yes. The 8x has fm.
    07-11-2013 05:26 PM
  3. mase123987's Avatar
    The X8 is an epic failure. So bad that no one has even heard of it. (sarcasm )
    troylytle and Jupast like this.
    07-11-2013 06:20 PM
  4. iop777's Avatar
    What about the 8S?
    07-11-2013 06:21 PM
  5. failed1234's Avatar
    What about the 8S?
    The S8?
    07-11-2013 06:54 PM
  6. Nikiu's Avatar
    I confirm that 8S "magically" became FM capable after GDR2. Look into Music -> Radio and connect headphones beforehand.
    07-20-2013 11:40 AM
  7. eugen serban's Avatar
    can somebody confirm that FM works?

    I mean, i also have it there, but when i press it, it just returns to start screen

    Never mind. i made it to work.
    07-25-2013 10:20 AM

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