1. Hajjaj's Avatar

    My 8X takes almost 3 hours to recharge again - what's wrong?

    08-12-2013 10:02 PM
  2. pankaj981's Avatar

    My 8X takes almost 3 hours to recharge again - what's wrong?

    Your perception about charging duration?
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    08-12-2013 10:26 PM
  3. Hajjaj's Avatar
    Your perception about charging duration?
    Less than 3 hours?
    08-12-2013 10:51 PM
  4. pankaj981's Avatar
    Phone charging depends on various factors, socket voltage stability, charger output, phone battery, phone to charger connectivity, etc. Almost 3hrs is long but 1.5 to 2.5 is okay
    08-12-2013 11:02 PM
  5. Hajjaj's Avatar
    Thank you.
    08-12-2013 11:04 PM
  6. pankaj981's Avatar
    Yw, try a different socket/charger if possible and see if you find varied results
    08-12-2013 11:05 PM
  7. Microsoftjunkie's Avatar
    Nothing is wrong with your phone. My 8x since day one has always took about (2 1/2)-(2 3/4) from complete drain to recharge to 100% and that's with me still using the phone.

    Should be closer to 2hr 30mins
    08-12-2013 11:18 PM
  8. xandros9's Avatar
    That sounds normal to me.

    But if its supposed to be faster, try an adapter (plug thing) with a higher amp rating
    08-13-2013 01:52 PM

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