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    Hello, I'm using a HTC Windows Phone 8X and I received the GDR3 update in March (well Telstra branding and it su***). But recently, since about 1 and a half month, the battery has started discharging very fast.

    >Even in flight mode it discharges fast about 4-5 % an hour when screen is timed out and about 12-15% an hour when screen is on.
    >If flight mode is disabled, then the battery discharges at about 25% an hour when screen is timed out and about 45-50% an hour when screen is on.
    >And if I'm actually using the phone like basic surfing, or facebook or chat apps like viber and whatsapp then the discharge rate sometimes can reach 60%
    >Interestingly, the phone cannot be called heated up while using. It's normal.
    >Screen brightness was automatic all the time which by the way was lower than the low brightness setting of the phone or maybe equally bright to the low setting.
    >Also it takes longer to charge now. Initially it was 2hrs 45mins but now it goes arnd 4.5-5 hrs sometimes.

    >I checked up a few posts and tried out deleting apps like skype etc but it's of no use. Changed the the background tasks to none.
    >I tried soft resetting, disabling all the mentioned features like mail sync, xbox sync, flight mode etc but no help. I also did a hard reset still no change. Now even when there are no apps installed except the battery app, the issue still persists. I also tried different battery apps just in case but same result.

    Is anyone experiencing something similar. It's really crazy cause initially my phone used to last abt 3.5 -4 hrs with a heavily continuous chatting/surfing on wifi and medium screen brightness. And now that's reduced to merely 1.5 hrs or maybe more.
    It seems a hardware problem, or maybe is the GDR3 update that's bad and messing around ?
    Any ideas ? Help me out please :(

    OS Version: 8.0.10501.127
    Firmware Revision number: 3030.0.41601.841
    Hardware Revision number: 0002
    Radio Software version: 1.19b.32.19.27_15.66b.32.19
    Radio Hardware version: 2.126.0.D4
    Bootloader version: 0.0.3030.0(177887)
    Chip SoC version: 8960
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