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    I haven't seen any forum posts for this, which is strange, but has anyone experienced this or know of any kind of fix?

    Sometimes the keyboard on an HTC 8X becomes unresponsive during use, usually when typing a text message, but has happened with email as well. Basically, you're just typing along and suddenly the keyboard just stops responding. The keyboard is still shown, but no keys actually get typed to the message. The only fix so far has been to tap off the message to close the keyboard, then tap back on the message to bring it back, and then continue typing. Not a huge deal, but none-the-less it's not how it should work.

    Has anyone else seen this and determined a way to avoid it? Is it just a sign of an aged device or something due to the nature of the 8X (the 8X has a lot of flex and the screen seems somewhat flexible, didn't know if that might affect responsiveness of the sensors).
    12-29-2014 10:55 AM

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