1. Smili's Avatar

    I see a lot of threads about Denim for Lumia phones.What about non-lumia phones like HTC 8X , Samsung , etc ?

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    01-01-2015 06:33 AM
  2. SamJHannan's Avatar
    Denim is Nokia firmware for Nokia phones only.
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    01-01-2015 06:35 AM
  3. Smili's Avatar
    Lol ? I tought that Denim is a firmware like Lumia Black .HTC got that firmware too .
    01-01-2015 07:39 AM
  4. benjobaggins's Avatar
    HTC didn't get back. They got their own firmware update. The colour updates are Nokia firmware updates only
    01-01-2015 08:09 AM
  5. xandros9's Avatar
    Denim is Lumia-specific firmware. People often use it interchangeably (and perhaps, erroneously) with Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1. (and it was the same with 8.1 + Cyan)

    Nokia just names its firmwares and makes a bigger deal about whats inside them.
    HTC and Samsung devices do indeed have their own firmware made by their respective OEM, its just not named like Lumia firmwares are.

    there will be no Denim or any Lumia firmware for non-Lumias because well, they are not Lumias.

    Since most Windows Phone are Lumias and the firmware has a name and is more known, its going to be talked about more.
    01-01-2015 01:52 PM
  6. msirapian's Avatar
    I fully agree, Denim *should* be the Lumia specific firmware. But the confusion is amplified by Microsoft. Why? Because Denim, the real thing, was rolled out only on some 930 and 1520 (Nordic countries). But in the same time, they rolled out GDR1 on older devices (just like they had sent GDR1 on the 930 in October). These "OS only" updates come with a minor Cyan update. But in the update table issued by Microsoft, they're tagged as "Denim". And, what is more, Windows Central is not very precise in the different articles, calling Denim whether the firmware, the update operation, the software updates, etc.

    So people read and say "I have Denim on my 520", when they've just received GDR1 with a very minor update to Cyan. Even Microsoft confirm it, as they qualified the 3058.50009.1447.0001 firmware being tested on Finnish 1020 and 925 (versus 3058.50009.1424.xxxx for all other 1020/925) as a "Cyan update ahead of Denim roll out".

    Microsoft sending out only GDR1 on older devices (except the Pureview ones, 920 925 and 1020) doesn't exclude a Denim firmware later.

    But to disguise the delay (with the help of the extras+infos bug), Microsoft have started to call any update Denim.

    The HTC 8X should receive GDR1, which is not Denim, even if it's being called Denim right now by Microsoft in their own Lumia update table, and amplified by approximative articles on most sites including this one (with all due respect).

    In other terms, if the OP concern is: will I get all the Denim goodness (ie everything but the camera things), the answer is: you'll get these when you have GDR1 (an OS update, not a firmware one).
    01-03-2015 05:54 AM
  7. EBUK's Avatar
    I have the Archos-Bush version of the Blu Win Jr. It shipped with a software version that corresponded with the version found on Cyan.

    There were no other updates offered by Archos-Bush, so I enrolled the phone on Preview for Developers which gave it all the updates that appear to correspond with what Denim has.

    The naming of the FIRMWARE is confusing. But from what I have seen with Lumia and Non Lumia phones, I think in the future I will be buying only Lumias - they seem to have better support and more features.
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    01-03-2015 06:14 AM

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