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    I've had the phone a week now and after a couple of days of exploring it I got round to importing my contacts from my old sim. Apparently straightforward until I eventually realised that a sizeable number of them were missing.

    After a bit of thought I realised that it was my fault as they hadn't been copied from the old phone to its sim card. I'd had it for 7 years [yes....a Sony Z600 and it still works on the original battery] so doing this wasn't a regular occurence for me, unlike with many people who swap phones often.

    So I put the old sim back in to the HTC. But this time it won't let me copy the contacts across. The button is there but it's inactive. I was wondering if this was the usual thing - one shot at importing and then that's it.

    I got there in the end. I made it easier on myself by using my desktop pc and keyboard and the normal Windows Live to input the missing contacts, and they automatically updated the HTC.
    02-25-2011 04:19 AM