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    Ran into the local Sprint store to pick up the bodyglove case for the Arrive. They had the demo unit on display. Here's a few quick impressions.

    1) Phone feels really well built and solid.
    2) Not as heavy feeling as you would expect; lighter than my samsung moment.
    3) Screen is sharp, but still pales in comparison to the Focus. (i.e. blacks are a bit washed)
    4) Tilt is very sturdy AND it is very easy to push out the keyboard and tilt with 1 hand. Just a quick single motion.
    5) Keyboard feels really nice. Reviewers aren't lying when they say it may be the best QWERTY.

    Overall very excited and do not regret my pre-order in the slightest. One of thenicer phones I've seen in a long time.
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