1. mtg1974's Avatar
    I have a Jawbone Icon. I'll turn it on and every few minutes it disconnects and reconnects. What is it doing? At least twice it has dropped out right when I get a call. I look pretty funny holding my phone up to my ear that has a headset in it. Anyone else having this problem?
    05-19-2011 11:55 PM
  2. disposed's Avatar
    Try it with something else.
    05-20-2011 12:02 AM
  3. Dave Blake's Avatar
    I have 3 different bluooth devices that I use for different reasons a Bose, a Motorola 505, and a plantronics 260 all work perfectly I never have any connection issues or drops.
    05-20-2011 06:58 AM
  4. mtg1974's Avatar
    My first Arrive that I had for about two weeks before I dropped and broke it didn't have the issue either. Maybe this phone needs a hard reset?
    05-20-2011 07:52 AM
  5. venom5150's Avatar
    I have the Plantronic Voyager Pro + and it works excellent
    05-20-2011 07:08 PM
  6. IamNabil's Avatar
    I have an icon. It used to have that problem. Then I updated the firmware on the headset, and it works fine now.

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    05-20-2011 10:27 PM
  7. PhilR8's Avatar
    I have the Jawbone Icon "Thinker" that I just keep in my car. I get in the car, turn on the Icon, and stick it in my ear. Connects instantly and stays connected until I reach my destination. Then I take it out of ear, turn it off, and put it on the (always hot) car charger.
    05-21-2011 01:15 AM
  8. sonar's Avatar
    I prefer a wired headset...better voice quality and no worries about recharging the battery.
    06-01-2011 10:48 AM