1. LowRentTechGuy's Avatar
    I am on sprint and currently run a Nexus S 4G. I am curious if anyone who has used it thinks it is worth moving OS's for? I have used the Focus on AT&T when it first came out but moved to Verizon before the trophy hit and haven't been back to WP. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    03-13-2012 01:13 AM
  2. steve70's Avatar
    I have a a Titan now but loved my Arrive. Using it now as a WiFi music,podcast device. WPod if you will. Pros for me ... 32g sdcard hack, running DFT custom ROM, easy one hand operation, and one of the best keyboards if that's an issue. Cons ... was the text limit ugghh soo annoying at least for me.
    03-13-2012 02:09 AM
  3. .The Word Alive.#WP's Avatar
    I had a Nexus S 4G for about 6 months and loved it. I got curious with WP7 and ended up trading my Nexus for an Arrive. At first I thought the screen was going to be to small. After messing with it, its not as small as i thought. I like the simplicity of it and that its still a smart phone. I like the arrive better than the Nexus so far. The keyboard is awesome very nice 5 row keyboard and the speaker is very loud unlike my old Nexus. Ant the zune player has always been my favorite. The specs are about the same except the screen. its not super amoled like the nexus but it still looks pretty damn good. also it doesnt have a front facing camera. Not all that important to me but may be for some. And not all the apps from the android market are on the Windows marketplace but a good selection and u get Xbox live. After having this phone I can say that i dont regret trading it.
    03-14-2012 06:11 PM
  4. LowRentTechGuy's Avatar
    Thanks for the feedback guys. A friend of mine is on Sprint and I am gonna use his upgrade to get one and give him my Nexus. I don't think I am gonna regret it.

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    03-15-2012 12:56 AM
  5. DontHate707's Avatar
    you wont man the arrive and the nexus have roughly the same specs but what really blows the nexus out of the water is a little thing called mango. i was gunna get the nexus to wait out until wp7 was a little bit more mature but i jumped the gun and got the arrive like a month after it came out. i really wished they wouldve had something without the keyboard but its truly a fantastic keyboard one tho. i recently dropped my arrive and now the screens cracked but it was after the thousandth drop lol anyways i think id wait it out until apollo tbh
    03-15-2012 04:12 AM
  6. eric12341's Avatar
    The arrive is a great device, too bad the sprint network cripples it with dialup level 3G speeds. I sold mine and got an HD7 off eBay and took it to T-mobile. Haven't looked back since.
    03-17-2012 12:04 AM