1. paul3200's Avatar
    i was texting someone (iphone) then it wouldnt come out of standby(???) mode

    it doesnt indicate it is charging at all :s i have no idea whats going on how can i fix it?
    03-08-2012 12:56 PM
  2. speedtouch's Avatar
    Hi, Paul. Are you using an HD7 or an iPhone? Or were you just texting to someone who has an iPhone?

    Assuming you have an HD7, nothing happens when you hold the power button for a long period of time? Normally, a quick tap on the power button will bring you to the unlock screen, which I think is not appearing for you.
    03-08-2012 02:21 PM
  3. paul3200's Avatar
    yeah i have a hd7 but was texting some1 on an iphone (not sure if it has anything to do with it)

    nothing happens when i tap it or hold it down and when i put it on charge the charge light doesnt turn on
    03-08-2012 03:20 PM
  4. speedtouch's Avatar
    Ok, I am 100% sure it has nothing to do with the other person's iPhone.

    Have you tried a battery pull? Take off the back cover and bull the battery out. Wait about 10 seconds, then put it back in. Then connect the charger cable.
    03-08-2012 04:40 PM
  5. paul3200's Avatar
    didnt know it was called a battery pull but yeah i have
    03-09-2012 04:29 AM
  6. speedtouch's Avatar
    Yep, it's called a battery pull. So even after a battery pull, when you plug it into the charger the red LED still doesn't light up? Gosh, I don't know what to think. Your phone may have committed suicide. What were you texting? Just kidding.

    There is a way to force the phone to reset itself by pressing on a combination of buttons. If I'm not mistaken, if you hold down the Power + Vol Up + Vol Down at the same time you should get to a hardware menu that will allow you to factory reset the phone. I think that's the key combo, I'm not exactly sure. But, being that your phone won't even react to a Power button press, I am not sure this will work anyway.

    One other thing to try is a different charger and/or USB cable. Or a different battery.
    03-09-2012 09:56 AM
  7. paul3200's Avatar
    been to the shop i bought it from and they told me it was f**ked so gonna get HTC to replace it :D
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    03-09-2012 01:34 PM
  8. speedtouch's Avatar
    Hooray! Problem solved.
    03-09-2012 01:37 PM
  9. paul3200's Avatar
    lol hopefully :P
    03-09-2012 01:39 PM