09-03-2014 07:48 PM
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  1. danwanna's Avatar
    I am loving my m8, I also bought the dot view case, I used it for about one hour, got frustrated with flapping the flap. It is no longer on the phone. Getting rid of that case greatly improved my phone.
    Same here, I lasted about 2 hours with mine. If it folded flatter on the back I think it would be OK. As it is, typing or flowing one handed is almost impossible. I might try leaving the case open with a book on it tonight and see if it loosens up.
    08-22-2014 10:51 PM
  2. scotiez's Avatar
    I purchased the dot view case all with my HTC One M8 along with other accessories because I traded in my iPhone and received Lots of money for it and very little out of pocket money was exchanged. After having this phone for over a week now I am starting to get used to the case. At 1st I didn't care for it but now I don't mind it. Also after a week the front cover closes all the way now. Opening it and folding around to the back is still awkward but I'm getting used to it. Taking phone calls and activating cortana is very nice. But I think this case is over priced and we will see how long it will last, I am suspecting it will only last a few months if that. After the case gets wrecked I will go naked or put a casemate barely there clear case on it.
    08-31-2014 08:55 AM
  3. Adrynalyne's Avatar
    I've never understood why someone would buy a premium built metal cased device to cover it with a crappy plastic case.
    08-31-2014 10:24 AM
  4. osumorris2315's Avatar
    I like the case. Esp notification info. Plus ppl ask me about it all the time so it gets attention because its innovative.
    09-01-2014 06:56 PM
  5. danwanna's Avatar
    I really liked the idea of getting notifications through the case. I wish I could have the same functionality without having the case on. I returned mine because I couldn't get used to texting one handed on it and because it wouldn't close all the way once I added a glass screen protector.

    I only planned on using it when I was at the ballpark or somewhere else where I thought a little protection would be good. I probably would have kept it if it would have closed with a screen protector applied...
    09-02-2014 12:06 PM
  6. jiovine's Avatar
    Great concept but wasn't for me. Came to the conclusion that if I want ed to use two hands with my phone, I would have gone with the 1520. M8 is the perfect size. Returned the dot view and picked up incipio feather lite case and invisishield glass screen protector. Closest thing to naked.
    09-02-2014 09:32 PM
  7. waazzupppp's Avatar
    I have to say that the swipe down to get to Cortana is what did it for me... I have the Dot View for that reason only. Besides that, the little weather updates and clock are a nice touch - and the auto unlock feature is nice too. Ok, there's more than a few reasons why I have it... :)
    09-03-2014 11:23 AM
  8. lparsons21's Avatar
    I just got my Dot View case yesterday and have to agree with those that say it is a great idea. But I'd also say it isn't a very good case other than that.

    Think I'll go back to naked again. All my previous phones were used naked with no problem, can't figure out why it would be a problem with the M8.

    Sent from my 23-n010 using Tapatalk
    09-03-2014 11:44 AM
  9. lizziej's Avatar
    I can't seem to get Cortana to work with my Dot View case, was there anything special you guys had to do?
    You have to enable it in the Dot view setting first, then its just drag down from the top :)
    09-03-2014 07:45 PM
  10. lizziej's Avatar
    I like my dot view case. When I'm at work it's reassuring to know that my phone is protected front and back. If I'm going to be using my phone for extended periods (Netflix, kindle, navigation etc) I take it off. It's so easy to snap on and off that this is almost habit already and can be done single handed.
    09-03-2014 07:48 PM
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