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    Hi. So, after 12 years of life with Nokia and Symbian, I've made the bold switch to a radar. Overwhlemed by the performance of course. I've never had anything like this on the symbians. Still getting used to my first touchscreen. So, I need to double-double-check before I send a message or an email. Seamless integration btw! I got the white. But the phone looked so bulky after I put on a skin. So, took it off. But made sure I added a Zagg Full Body to it.

    The only concern I have is regarding enabling an app or a feature on WP7 whereby I can change ring profiles like the way I used to on the symbian? General, Vibrate, Silent, etc.etc. Can someone suggest?

    Plus, I'm still struggling to clean up my contacts after transferring them over a SIM card to the windows phone. Now, it says, it's all integrated to my windows live account?
    05-18-2012 12:26 AM