1. Ilovemypomchi's Avatar
    I got my HTC radar when I was a child, was honest and signed up with the microsoft account with my real birthday. I have tried to download apps with my account and was told I could not because I was a child, so I impaitiantly waited until my 18th birthday, yet I can not download apps! I have made a new account through Xbox.com and tried again, nothing is working. It is telling me that I have to do it either through Xbox.com or the zune.net. and im so confused, I cant even sync music :( I don't want to have to get a new cell phone someone help!
    01-29-2014 06:47 AM
  2. rockstarzzz's Avatar
    Check your DOB on accounts.live.com and xbox.com - make sure they say that you are 18+

    Also if it is linked with a parental account, they may or may not need to authorize this further.
    01-29-2014 07:00 AM
  3. Aleem Sameer's Avatar
    im just tellin a way to ur problem not solution .. you said you didnt get any apps so its better u transfer all the other stuff to your SD card and restore your mobile and give a birth date of above 20 or 22 it will work...

    guess u got a way...
    01-29-2014 07:01 AM
  4. Ilovemypomchi's Avatar
    Alright I'll try that :) thanks
    01-29-2014 07:06 AM
  5. Ilovemypomchi's Avatar
    And my phone doesnt actually have a SD card :/ which makes it suck more, no apps, no music, no SD card.
    01-29-2014 07:07 AM

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