1. kkreamer's Avatar
    I have been using WM devices for some time. I got the new HTC ozone and when i attempt to sync notes, that category does not even show up as an option. Any help would be great!
    01-20-2010 12:03 PM
  2. Dave Blake's Avatar
    That is very strange what are you trying to sync with and what operating system?
    01-20-2010 07:43 PM
  3. kkreamer's Avatar
    Operating system in XP Pro - and just trying to sync notes with outlook - I had a samsung saga and when I would sync to the pc - it would allow me to select notes, however with the Ozone, it does not even provide me with that option.
    01-21-2010 08:26 AM
  4. Xman71's Avatar
    I think that Windows Standard devices such as the Blackjack or the Ozone or the Q, DON'T natively synch notes. I am looking for a 3rd party solution. Check out http://www.syncdata.it/ and see what you think...I am about to evaluate it as well...
    01-21-2010 07:14 PM
  5. stichetoo's Avatar
    Since my Ozone is my first WM device I am not sure about notes on previous versions.
    It may have been replaced by Office Mobile which has OneNote Mobile and Word Mobile.
    OneNote Mobile is handy, but unless you have the full pro version of MS Office 2007 you will have to pony up 100 bucks for the OneNote desktop app to read the OneNote notes you make on the phone. They still sync and are saved, but without the desktop app you can't read them on the desktop.
    You also can't create a Word .doc in Word Mobile, but you CAN read and edit docs and save them with a new name. So I keep 3 "empty" .docs to use when I want to make a note i can sync and then read on my desktop.
    Perhaps this will help folks out when you start looking on the desktop for the OneNote notes and you can't find them in a readable form.
    I was and am pretty irritated about it and will not be getting a WM7 device or any other windows mobile phone.
    03-18-2010 01:31 PM