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    I preordered the Lumia 900 and my 2nd unit has the same clicking noise my first one had. I am thinking about switching to the titan 2 but have a couple of questions.

    How is the screen size for typing? I have large hands and find the 4.3 inch screen on my lumia 900 and HD7 the best size.

    How does the titan feel in the front of your pants pocket? The Lumia 900 is by far the heaviest phone I have had well since I last owned a Nokia in 1999. Numerous BlackBerry's, palm Treo phones were lighter than the lumia.How is the Titan?

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    How is the camera, does it have that bsi sensor for low lighting? Does it take good pics?

    Are there any suggestions in terms of having the phone naked or getting a case?

    How is the battery life. I have been very happy with lumia's battery life. How does it compare

    Lastly, I hated the screen on my hd7 outside. The lumi 900 is by far the best screen for direct sunlight I have ever tried. How is the titans screen?

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    I wish somebody had replied...oh well :( I have gone to the store, but the stupid security cord covers the camera. So I can't test it out :(

    I am thinking of trading in my Lumia only because I have the same problem in less than 30 days on my 2nd device. I have 3 options I am concidering.

    #1: trade for the Titan II and pay the difference
    #2: trade for the iphone 4s and pay the difference
    #3: keep the lumia 900 since the clicking noise has no effect on the phone...it might down the road just not now.
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    It seems like your not very sure if you even want to stay with WP7 OS.

    If you do I would say the titan 2 is the way to go. I switched to the turn 2 from the Lilia and couldn't be happier. The camera (WHICH SEEMS TO BE VERY IMPORTANT TO YOU) is worlds better then the Lumia camera. Yes it has BSI for low light. It feels the same in my pocket size wise as the luminary but feels better in the hand to me.

    With all of the issues people are having with the lumia I would say switch.

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    thanks I did make the switch. It is a much better phone in terms of camera and having no hardware issues (well I have only had the phone for less than an hour)

    The only difference I find that the Lumia does better on is the screen. It is much better in direct sunlight. Besides that I am very happy.

    I am sorry if I sounded like I didn't want to stay with the OS. I do very much want to as I find the screen size on the iphone way to small. I also like the live titles and the Operating System is very smooth :)
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