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    A couple of weeks ago I sold my Focus S and got the Titan II and thought I would share my thoughts on both of them with you all to hopefully help someone who is trying to decide between them.

    The Focus S had a LOT going for it but I wanted the additional screen space of the Titan II.

    Focus S pros - Incredibly light, seemed to weigh next to nothing, especially compared to the Titan. Love the display on it, compared to the Titan much crisper and the colors were far more vivid, it was great for watching vids and looking at pictures. It also has a great GPS feature Glonass that was incredibly fast to lock on to satellites and kept a very strong signal even in the most challenging circumstances. Ergonomics are a big plus with it, love the placement of the power key and the power port.

    Downsides - Hard to type anything on it, the keyboard and screen size made typing a challenge for me, the build quality of it felt kind of fragile, everytime I had to take the back cover off it I was worried about breaking some of the tabs on it. The camera was just not very good, I spent a day trying all the different settings and adjustments and could never get what I considered a quality picture.

    Titan II pros - Amazing camera, it took awhile to get the settings right but wow!! Amazing pics! The additional screen size was a huge help, I rarely use it as a phone, mostly use it as a mini tablet for emails, work stuff, internet, etc. it's a breeze to type out even lengthy e-mails. The screen color while not as bright and vivid is actually better to use for office tasks, it looks much more like a computer screen so I'm counting that as both a pro and con. The bigger screen also makes navigation apps much easier to read. Feels plenty sturdy, I don't have any concerns about accidently breaking it.

    Titan II downside - This sucker is HEAVY! I usually carry my cell phone in the front pocket of my shirt but had to switch it to my front pants pocket, it would pull my shirt down so much that it looked like I was a button off when I buttoned up my shirt. My biggest complaint is the power key placement and the sync port, seriously what the heck was HTC thinking to put the charging port on the side of the phone?? Can't use it with the charging cable in my car since the holder I use has an outlet opening on the bottom. This also eliminates any chance of using a docking station, the engineers there really screwed the pooch on that one! Another one that really pissed me off was when I was first setting it up was that you HAVE to have the darn sim card cover on for it to boot, when I first got it I was switching between the two phones and didn't put the cover on when I was hooking it up to my computer to sync tunes and vids, thought I had broken it and was boxing it up to take back to the AT&T store when I powered it up again and it booted without problem and I figured it out.

    So for me the bottom line came to what I used the phone mostly for which was as a mini-tablet GPS device more than a phone. If I used it primarily as a phone, I would have went with the Focus. All in all I really like this phone a lot, it meet my needs the best between the two and I am very pleased with it.
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    08-23-2012 04:44 PM
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    I really can't argue with your write up. I am as big a cheerleader for the Focus S as WP Central has, and I agree with everything you said.

    Excellent job. Enjoy the T2. And for the love of all that is Holy, keep the shirt button closed!!! (I laughed pretty hard at that, by the way...)

    "Say, is that a Titan 2 in your front pocket, or are you just glad to see me??"
    08-25-2012 02:12 AM