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    I just got my Titan yesterday, and I've thusfar been setting it up just the way I want it. One aspect I just can't get right is the right Twitter client. I've tried Rowi, Seesmic, and the official Twitter app, and none of them work as well as Tweetcaster Pro on my Android phone.

    Anyway, one thing I did notice while trying to determine which Twitter app to use is that when I have the phone connected to my PC with the microUSB cable, there is noticeable slowdown in the downloading of new posts, at least with Rowi. Once I've unplugged from the PC (and thus, from Zune), Rowi seems to download new topics much faster. I have yet to test this with other clients, but is this a known issue? I've read similar complaints about the Focus S, but I thought the Titan didn't suffer from any kind of slowdown when connected via microUSB.
    11-30-2011 03:04 PM