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    Hello I was just wondering what the best lossy format for the titan?

    I am trying to aim for either of the two. For songs ripped from my CD. Due to time and convience, I am going to be using Windows Media Player to rip and nothing else.

    1) WMA Pro (highest quality Windows Media Player would allow) = it seems to be CBR but it seems smaller then WMA VBR

    2) WMA VBR (highest quality windows media player would allow) = larger file

    From technical side it would seem WMA VBR should be better quality then WMA Pro (larger file, more bits, better music)

    From a naming perspective you would assume the WMA Pro should be better but the smaller file size and low bitrate would indicate otherwise. I have heard on WWW that WMA Pro sounds like a higher bitrate file then indicated.

    I would normalling be using a lossless format but storage limitations of the Titan would not allow for it.
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