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    So i just called amazon about my new htc titan, the speakers on the phone don't work and neither does the camera button :mad:. Luckily the respresentative was extremely helpful and told me a phone replacement was well on its way :D

    i have a few questions regarding my situation. Firstly how can i download all the apps i had with this titan to my other titan, and can i just plug in the sim card from my old htc titan and use it on the replacement or do i have to call (att) and ask them to activate the phone for me blah blah which will take forever? .....oh and is thier anyway my contacts can be transfered through bluetooth as well as my messages etc?
    01-01-2012 11:53 AM
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    If you use the same windows live id, you'll be able to download all the applications again. Your contacts should upload automatically from your same windows live account. There is no SMS backup.
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    01-01-2012 12:05 PM
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    Also, if you use the old SIM card, there should be no need to reactivate the phone.

    I don't have a texting plan, so I get my texts through Google Voice (through the GoVoice app). If you have something like that, then your messages are saved in your Google Voice account.
    01-01-2012 03:55 PM
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    I too am on my second Titan from Amazon wireless which I see the doubled the price on the Titan from when I got it.
    The apps you installed will be listed at Windowsphone.com > MyPhone> Account> Basically you have to email yourself the link to the phone and reinstall. If you already purchased apps the system suppose to know that and it just installs.
    My first Titan from Amazon came with a new 4G AT&T sim card that I had to use. If Amazon Sent you the first Titan with a Sim card you just reuse that Sim card in the second Titan and the phone will work. You just need to call AT&T to update the IMEI number for warranty purposes. I had already returned my first Titan and using that Sim Card.
    As for contacts that is tricky coming into windows phone for the first time. My contacts were split between what I had in Google and what I had on my previous phone Nokia 5800. Despite the theory that I could save my contacts to the old Sim card to bring them in the Titan it didnt work for me completely well. So I decided to use my contacts from Google exported them and then imported them in the AT&T back up contact web site then I put the rest of them manually. I got them in that way by signing into the AT&T address book on the phone in Contacts settings I believe.
    As for Bluetooth no you can't do any transfers into or out of a Windows Phone. Un believeable with todays technology they didn't incorporate that in the Bluetooth profiles. My older phone Nokia 5800 can do this. Titan so advanced yet so backwards but still a great phone.
    01-02-2012 05:11 PM

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