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    I recently reset my TITAN and I was surprised to find out that the voice guidance option was present in the maps settings (when all my language settings were set to English (UK)). However, a few days later this option had disappeared again. I tried to reset my phone again but also this time, the option went missing after a few days.

    I understand that voice guidance is only available when the phone is set to English (not entirely but I'm ok with that limitation) but can somebody explain why it disappears even when I have set all of my regional settings to the UK?

    I really hope the rest of Europe gets some support from WP now the lumia range of phones is released over here. I mean, I love WP but how am I supposed to convince my friends that it is a superb OS when most of the cool features aren't available here?
    02-27-2012 08:25 AM

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