04-22-2012 10:45 PM
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  1. jd914's Avatar
    I am. Even though my Titan is an awesome phone, I just can't take people telling me that they hear me muffled or distorted. I cant wait! :)
    03-22-2012 11:45 PM
  2. HeyCori's Avatar
    Not me. The only person who's complained about my voice is me. No one else I've talked to seems to have a problem.
    03-22-2012 11:53 PM
  3. dtboos's Avatar
    Don't have the titan but I am supporting Nokia 100%.

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    03-22-2012 11:54 PM
  4. boss.king's Avatar
    Nope. Very happy with my Titan. I don't think I could go to a smaller display size after this.
    03-23-2012 12:44 AM
  5. AlexanderJJJ's Avatar
    Nope. Very happy with my Titan. I don't think I could go to a smaller display size after this.
    Titan 2?
    03-23-2012 01:28 AM
  6. boss.king's Avatar
    Titan 2?
    Nothing about it interests me. It's thicker, the camera on the Titan is more than fine for me, and LTE doesn't exist where I live. All in all it would probably be a worse experience.
    03-23-2012 01:54 AM
  7. boneycat's Avatar
    I'm not giving up my Titan until Apollo comes out. No I love the big screen and frankly I don't have any issues w/ the phone.
    03-23-2012 11:03 AM
  8. shaunydub's Avatar
    I am happy with my Titan but I have spec envy of my Android friends with quad cores and 1gb of ram.....I love WP and won't go back to Droid.
    I was considering the Lumia 900 but it doesn't offer anything over Titan apart from Nokia apps so will prob stick with Titan until Apollo comes out.
    03-23-2012 04:14 PM
  9. Narr's Avatar
    I'll probably go for the Lumia 900 due to Nokia actually supporting the platform 100% rather than HTC who haven't even sorted out the sound problems when playing music. Also Nokia are bringing out official accessories (headphones etc) and apps that work perfectly with their phones.
    03-25-2012 07:24 AM
  10. SolunaKitty's Avatar
    I probably wont be getting a new phone until December 2013, or whenever I can upgrade, I guess. I'm sure there will be higher-end models by that time :D However, I will most likely get a Nokia phone due to aesthetics (even if I have not seen the future, I am sure it will look great) and the apps (even if I have Nokia Drive 2.0 on my Titan, it's nice to have it without hacking).

    I do really like the screen size though. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what comes out. Two years is a long time :3
    03-25-2012 06:57 PM
  11. bassoprofundo's Avatar
    Count me in here... I picked up my Titan in the AT&T 1c sale, so I'll still be within the 30 day grace period if the 900 drops on he 8th as expected. I absolutely love the phone as a data/content-consumption device, but the voice quality is horrendous. I'm a heavy data user and not at all a heavy voice user, but the thought of getting stuck for 2 years with a phone that's pretty much useless as a voice phone scares me. My wife has complained every time I've called her, and while I don't call that often, it needs to be good when I do.
    03-25-2012 10:09 PM
  12. SolunaKitty's Avatar
    This makes me ever so glad that almost no one complains about voice issues during my calls. They seem to catch what I am saying just fine.
    03-26-2012 04:16 AM
  13. ryansstuff's Avatar
    I am thinking about it, with my Titan going back again tomorrow to be repaired for 4 dfferent issues. I have had enough with it. Want nokia who seam to bring out great phones
    03-27-2012 07:00 PM
  14. FiveFngrsOfDef's Avatar
    I am...Titan to my daughter...love the phone but love the Nokia also.

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    03-27-2012 07:21 PM
  15. Maziar.a's Avatar
    No reason to get Lumia 900(at least for me). Titan has a bigger screen and it's thinner(and we don't know about the camera and battery life of 900).So I'll skip Lumia and will wait for something worth the upgrade
    03-28-2012 05:28 AM
  16. shaunydub's Avatar
    I was hoping to keep Titan until at least when Apollo is released and some more powerful handsets are released.

    Although now I am beginning to worry about support seeing as Titan 1 has been pulled from most stores in UK.
    03-28-2012 01:00 PM
  17. jd914's Avatar
    Another reason to leave the Titan is that it will be an end of life device once the Titan 2 is released on April 8th. Also the Lumia 900 will be $449 off contract price. I'm ging to get it off contract because $449 really isn't that much plus I have a long way to go for an upgrade.
    03-28-2012 08:20 PM
  18. irvin792's Avatar
    Keeping my titan. I have not had anyone complain about the voice problem. The WiFi being a little weak kind of sucks but hopefully it will get updated and fixed. I like the srs app. Plus I got it for a penny and I bought an oem HTC evo 3d battery for 5 bucks, raising my mah to 1730. and I doubt I can go to a .4" smaller screen.
    03-28-2012 11:43 PM
  19. Major's Avatar
    I'm waiting for an Apollo Nokia.
    03-29-2012 01:12 AM
  20. Phen0m24's Avatar
    I'm sitting here typing this and getting a cramp in my hand. While I love the screen real estate on the Titan, I have seen the Nokia and it's beautiful.
    03-29-2012 04:29 AM
  21. Zaisaroni's Avatar
    Another reason to leave the Titan is that it will be an end of life device once the Titan 2 is released on April 8th. Also the Lumia 900 will be $449 off contract price. I'm ging to get it off contract because $449 really isn't that much plus I have a long way to go for an upgrade.
    I don't find EOL at the carrier to be a problem. Microsoft and OEMs have been supporting devices no longer on sale, even if AT&T doesn't release them at every version, its relatively easy to force the update.

    The Titan 1 and Lumia 900 are both top tier 2nd gen WP devices, and both have more than one reason to chose over the other. Personally I was all about getting the Lumia 900, until I got smoked by WP this weekend and got a Titan for free. There's not enough to gain by going from T1 to 900 for me, if im getting into a contract and spending some money on a device, it will be for a larger hardware and experience bump. I'm waiting on the flagship Nokia Apollo device, or maybe even pure view.

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    03-29-2012 09:58 PM
  22. jd914's Avatar
    I just pre ordered my Lumia 900 yesterday. I bought it at full price and free FedEx overnight shipping was included. Probably the major reason why im moving away from the Titan is to increase my data cap to 5gb since its an LTE device. A few days ago I got my first throttle warning from AT&T and there's no way I can get by with 3gb a month.
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    03-31-2012 08:22 AM
  23. noirsoft's Avatar
    I am having some buyer's reporse with my Titan, specifically related to bluetooth music sometimes forgetting that it was playing in the car if I use my phone for something else when outside of the car (a problem which my 1st gen LG Quantum never had) having to then manually play on the phone to get the music going again, and that causing song info to not be transmitted to the car console.

    Haven't had problems with voice (other than my apartment not having great AT&T coverage) but I am considering getting a 900, but will probably want to test-drive it in a store beforehand.
    03-31-2012 06:29 PM
  24. inteller's Avatar
    I actually had a hard time convincing a colleague to go with the Lumia, she envied my titan but I told her the screen is noticeable in clarity. I think it means the titan II will still sell well as an alternative for people that just want big.

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    03-31-2012 08:36 PM
  25. techygeek82's Avatar
    A few things had weighed on my decision, but I finally decided to take the plunge and pre-order the Lumia. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy my Titan and plan on keeping it around, but given the lack of AT&Ts direction of pushing/not pushing updates out to their current WP devices has me concerned. HTC/Samsung should really push for updates quicker - especially when there are bug fixes that have hindered user experience (keyboard issue).

    Nokia seems to have a strong choke-hold on global carriers at the moment when it comes to their updates, or at least that's my perception. Not to mention their full dedication to WP, unlike HTC/Samsung who are in Androids grasp.

    I think the biggest concern I have at the moment is the screen size. Granted, it's only a .4" difference between Titan and the Lumia 900, I just wonder how that will translate in to experience for me. I guess I'll find out around the 6th.
    04-02-2012 03:31 PM
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