1. roffleswaffles's Avatar
    Does anyone seem to be having this problem?? Everytime I answer a call or make a call, the screen just blacks out. I try pushing all the buttons on the phone and it just doesn't respond. It sucks cause I usually have to wait until the other person hangs up and then my phone will be normal again. (Don't even get me started when I have a call go to voicemail...)

    Any solution to this problem?

    UPDATE: It was my screen protector messing things up. Removed it and the phone is back to normal. It was messing with the light sensors or something. :D
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    04-22-2012 11:33 PM
  2. HeyCori's Avatar
    Sounds like the proximity sensor is messed.
    04-22-2012 11:37 PM
  3. jimski's Avatar
    Is this a new problem or has your phone always worked like this? Have you tried a hard reset?

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    04-23-2012 12:03 AM
  4. steve70's Avatar
    Mine does this randomly too. Very annoying when it happens.
    04-23-2012 02:22 AM
  5. smoledman's Avatar
    My screen goes dark during a call due to the proximity sensor, as soon as I get a few inches away the screen goes back on. Sounds like your sensor is defective.
    04-23-2012 02:53 AM
  6. nick6c's Avatar
    My parents has this problem before but now she has reset it. Therefore, don't have this problem again until now ;)
    04-23-2012 11:29 AM
  7. roffleswaffles's Avatar
    Thank you for all your replies.

    I did, grudgingly, try a hard reset and it did not work. The problem only began occurring recently and I've had this phone since January. Unfortunately the problem doesn't randomly occur; rather, it's consistently happening with every phone call.
    04-23-2012 12:07 PM
  8. HeyCori's Avatar
    Do you have insurance? Might be time to use it.
    04-23-2012 01:36 PM
  9. stoogefandave's Avatar
    I've had that happen before but it turned out it had to do with how I was holding the phone. My thumb/fingers were somewhat wrapped around the front a little and the prox sensor thought that I was holding it up to my head. I haven't had the problem since I figured this out. I'm not exactly sure where the sensor is located. Maybe try setting the phone down when on a call to test it.
    04-23-2012 05:59 PM
  10. roffleswaffles's Avatar

    So I visited my local Microsoft Store near UCLA and I talked to someone who, upon seeing my phone, immediately jumped on me for putting plastic on my screen. ("It's Gorilla Glass, fool! It won't scratch!!") The guy later helped me out with my phone and couldn't find anything wrong with the phone itself, but said that he thought the screen protector I had on it might be the source of the problem. So I ripped out and voila, problem solved.

    tl;dr ppl: remove screen protector, problem solved.
    04-30-2012 10:30 PM
  11. HeyCori's Avatar
    04-30-2012 10:42 PM
  12. srikumarNair's Avatar
    Removing the screen protector solved the issue .Seems to be an issue with sensors which fails to detect light due to obstruction ,especially when the protectors gets old and starts to loose the grip on the screen.
    08-26-2012 05:06 PM
  13. jimski's Avatar
    Removing the screen protector solved the issue .Seems to be an issue with sensors which fails to detect light due to obstruction ,especially when the protectors gets old and starts to loose the grip on the screen.
    Hmm, the screen protector on my L900 has a cutout for the light/prox sensors.

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    08-26-2012 11:08 PM
  14. inteller's Avatar
    yeah mine too on my Titan....moral of story, don't buy universal screen protectors.
    08-27-2012 10:12 AM
  15. Ilovetri's Avatar
    Hi everybody
    maybe, someone is still following this thread.
    I'm now having the same issue, however, no screen protector is applied to easily resolve the problem.
    Does anybody know, where the prox sensor is located.
    Is there any other cause known for this issue?

    Thanks for any hints

    12-19-2012 04:23 AM
  16. BADASH_MOMO's Avatar
    I have this problem too. It dosent always happen but when it happens, it is really annoying!
    02-16-2013 01:52 AM
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