1. MathiasVerden's Avatar
    My HTC Titan has always used a cover, but I think I've had enough. It's already quite a big phone, and even the thinnest of covers add some bulk and weight to the phone. Ever since WPCentral featured a story on the white-painted HTC Titan backplate, I've been wondering if anyone has ever found or heard of custom backplates. My current cover is made of a plastic-like hard silicone, surprisingly flexible and resistant to almost any damage.

    I'm not planning purchasing a new Windows Phone anytime soon. I can afford one, but for the price of a great desktop or laptop, they're just not worth it. It's basically paying the same for less. So I was wondering if there's any custom backplates out there, preferably made out of this hard silicone material. I understand that the antenna is part of the backplate, so I'm not quite sure if silicone would be the right material, at least not for the antenna part.
    11-01-2012 10:38 AM