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    I was thinking about getting the Trophy next week, but I just realized a huge thing I can't do without so I was hoping somebody here has some good news for me.

    I use the Google Voice app for all my voicemail now on Android. I can't do without it. Is there a way to use the Trophy to listen to GV messages without having to call up my GV number? A GV app would be nice, but I'm guessing there's not one.

    I'm almost persuaded to make the switch, but this would ruin it for me. Its sad, I know, too lazy to call a number to get messages :)


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    06-05-2011 02:23 AM
  2. Dave Blake's Avatar
    There're a several Gvoice apps available. There is GVoice and Google Voice a couple of the more popular. They all do mostly the same things including downloading the text and voice from voice mails and text messages. Both require some setup then they work well. You can review the the apps in the WP app market.

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    06-05-2011 07:46 AM
  3. mundyb's Avatar
    Ok, so I have the phone and am trying out replacements. I hate putting my Google account information into some other app that I don't know anything about, but I digress.

    So far I am using Go Voice, and the functionality is pretty nice. Of course no live notifications, but if you let Google send you email and text notifications when a new message arrives you're good to go.

    I am still hoping to try a few more of the apps available, but for those of you who are wondering there are ways to make it work with Google Voice.

    Now if Evernote would hurry up with their WP7 client I would be pretty satisfied.
    06-10-2011 10:30 AM
  4. JAStark27's Avatar
    only would have to wait till the fall for Microsoft's own visual voicemail. But that will work till then i bet
    06-10-2011 05:36 PM