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    Hey all... I decided to give the Zune Pass 14 day trial a whirl. I'm on campus a lot and it would really be great to have a ton of music at my fingertips when crashing at the library with my laptop or on the go with my Trophy. I'm new to Zune but have been able to do an artist search and play songs on my laptop. My problem is how to stream music over wi-fi or 3g on my phone.

    I have read the posts in the Zune section of the forums where people ask what all a Zune pass is good for, and people have responded it is possible to stream playlists and songs on their phone without having to sync to their computer. When I tap the zune tile and get into the app, my only options seem to be a 30 second clip or the option to buy the song/album.

    Am I doing something wrong? Have I not set up something correctly? I have managed to sync existing songs that i had ripped to my computer, to my phone. That much has gone well haha. If anyone has some advice or instructions on how to stream with my phone, I'd definitely appreciate it.

    09-05-2011 05:58 PM
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    You are using the same Live ID on your phone that the Zune Pass is valid for ? Should be fine. Can't think what else could be wrong.

    When a valid pass is found it should stream the full tracks instead of the 30 second previews or you can download them by long pressing the play arrow.
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    09-05-2011 06:08 PM
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    Yep. Positive on that one. I guess I should have mentioned I have an Xbox 360 that I was also able to play music on. I played the full song on my xbox and laptop. (And my gamerscore and games are all linked with my phone) But was unable to stream the full song on my phone...

    Does it have to do with the "trial" pass? Or maybe I'm in the wrong section of the zune app on my phone?
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    09-05-2011 06:29 PM
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    Strange, no the trial works as a normal Zune subscription. can't think why it's OK on your PC and Xbox but not on your phone.

    Just enter Zune then Marketplace and that should be it.

    I'm sure someone will be able to suggest something else that I haven't thought of Seeker2787. :)
    09-05-2011 06:36 PM
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    Thanks WeeBear... I powered off my phone and then turned it back on. When I went to the Zune tile and then to marketplace it gave me an error about needing to sign-in with my ID. Wasn't sure what that was about so I went to the home screen and tried again and now it works perfectly. I tapped one of the "featured artists" and was able to listen to the whole song.

    Guess I just had to whine and complain before it would work for me haha. I definitely appreciate the help tho.
    09-05-2011 06:49 PM
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    Ah great news my friend, i'm sure you'll love the Zune service. Glad you got there in the end.:)
    09-05-2011 07:24 PM