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    I am working far too hard to purchase a silly 3-dollar app. Tried to purchase from phone: was told there was no credit card on file, so I followed the link to add one. Tried to purchase after adding, and was told there was no card on file. I again followed the link to add one (thinking it had gone awry), and was told that the card WAS already on file... I could add another.

    I then tried via Zune and USB cable. I added a card to the Zune account system, and brought up the app in question that way. Clicked to purchase, and was prompted to log in again with same info use to log into Zune... EXCEPT that it is impossible, because the email address is autofilled with my windows LIVE address...when a different one is needed to log into Zune.

    I need help. I was able to purchase other apps... what is it with Words by Post that is making this so freaking impossible? Is there some secret order of things needed for establishing 1) Windows Live account versus 2) Zune account (general marketplace, not music specific)? This is stupidly hard...clearly takes more than a PhD to figure it out!
    09-06-2011 06:00 PM
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    To make sure I under stand the problem you have purchased apps before in the WP7 Marketplace but there is a problem purchasing this one app. Is that right?
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    09-06-2011 06:33 PM