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    Thanks: @webdev511 - & - @Rocket_Girl

    I just updated my Verizon Trophy to the latest Mango build. It took exactly 10 min. I did not do it in the past because there was so many obstacles in getting it done. This new way of just putting your phone into bootloader mode, installing drivers, running the .exe, is perhaps the easiest thing since apple pie.

    Here's a few questions:

    1) How would I revert back to NoDo?
    2) If I can't revert back, will I be able to receive future updates from Microsoft and/or Verizon?

    Apparently, according to this guy, you can't revert back to nodo.
    HTC Shipped Mango Roms Leak, Including The Verizon HTC Trophy - Page 3 - PPCGeeks
    09-21-2011 01:31 AM