1. nopre's Avatar
    Well, 2 years with my vzw Pre-Plus. Great OS, bad phone Kind of sad that WebOs is looking dead...

    I am digging the live tiles and I'm getting used to no physical keypad. The Palm keypad was BAD anyway so it won't be missed...

    Some things I already miss:

    No hardware mute button.

    Losing the ability to "swipe" individual texts/calls away without deleting entire threads.

    The "corner" on button.

    No SMS, call, email notification when the phone is idle. Seems like it only alerts to missed calls with the LED...

    I almost went with the iphone but it was gee-whiz about 3 years ago and is now meh. Same with Android...

    No more Touchstone :(

    Things I like:

    Live tiles :D

    5 mp camera. I read some ho-hum reviews but I think it's a good phone camera. MUCH better than the Pre. Macro works well and the Photobucket app is slick!

    Facebook integration is cool. I'm not a big FB'er but my family uses it a good bit. I have been using it some more because the phone makes it easier.

    I prefer Zune over itunes. Itunes suks...

    The browser is nice :D No Flash, but I rarely missed it on my Pre.

    Overall I'm pleased with the phone after a couple of weeks with it. Hopefully we'll see some more "WebOsish" functions in the future. The "Cards" multitasking on Mango would be SLICK if you could swipe the cards away!

    It's a LOT snappier than my Pre and it was overclocked.

    Battery life is MUCH BETTER. My Pre barely made it through a long day without dying.

    Anyway. I just figured I'd post this to help folks who are looking for a WebOs alternative on vzw.
    11-24-2011 10:57 AM
  2. JAStark27's Avatar
    Welcome to club man. Yeah there's a few feature I would like to see added. One I would love to see is some kinda notification menu. Not all my apps are on my start screen so it would be nice to see all the notifications I have not checked out. The idea I had was move the voice command stuff to the search hold button. Then have it to where if you hold the windows button a notifications menu pops up. Just an idea is all. And then actually turn by turn nav.
    11-30-2011 06:06 PM