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    At this late in the game for the Trophy do you guys think I should wait for VZ to MAYBE push another WP7 phone out or just go w/the Trophy?

    I was trying to save money and went with Tmo for a while (pay as you go) but their service sucks and their customer support is worst. I purchased a Nokia 710 and simply have fallen in love with OS and I cannot imagine going back to the iPhone full time.

    I know VZ is dogging the WP7 and I cannot understand why, sure it doesn't have 4g, but it's not like their 4g network covers the entire US. I live in an area that may get it eventually but when nobody knows; country living.

    Sucks being a techno-geek in the country.
    04-12-2012 11:15 AM
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    Well, if you get a Trophy don't sign any contract for it. That would be terrible. Just grab a cheap one off eBay and use that for a while. Who knows when/if VZW is getting a WP7/WP8 device in the future.

    Sorry T-Mobile didn't work out for you. That's what I am on now. I moved to T-Mo from Sprint and have been real pleased so far. But then again, I live and work in a well-populated area.
    04-12-2012 11:29 AM
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    Trust me I really wanted to be on the T-Mo network, I don't talk much on the phone so their 30 dollar plan was perfect for me. Unfortunately as I later found out the WP7 does not support Wifi Calling, I also got the wrong SIM card in the mail, but thanks to Amazon Prime I got one of those SIM card cutters and I was golden.

    The "4g" in this area does not exist and I noticed the phone will not lock into a 3g network either, which T-mo's 4g network technically is 3g with HSPA+, anyways.

    I am glad you are happy with Tmo can't dog you for that and I too think that buying the Trophy and signing up for another two year contract is absurd with such an old phone. So I am thinking of selling my Nokia 710 for around 200 and putting that towards my Trophy off contract on Ebay.

    WP7 really is an awesome OS, I think it pretty much smokes all of them. Been on Android not a fan. Currently on iOS and while I prefer it over android I still say WP is sexier and faster. I didn't really notice it until last night when I was on the iPhone 4 and clicked on something and it didn't pop right up like it does on the 710.
    04-12-2012 12:01 PM
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    T-Mo's prices and plans can't be beat! Especially when you combine them with refill cards from Calling Mart and save even more. Well, as soon as Skype is finalized for WP7, you should be able to make calls with it. But then you'll have to pay Skype for that service.

    Surely you can get better than $200 for the Lumia 710. It's a great phone. Good luck with finding a nice price for a Trophy. It's such an old phone I am sure you can get a good price.
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    04-12-2012 12:33 PM