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  1. Pixiuser's Avatar
    I am thinking about buying a pre owned HTC Trophy on ebay as my current phone BlackBerry 9930 is having issues. I read a lot of reviews on Windows phone and really forward to buy one. I know that Nokia Lumia 900 is coming soon and WP8 but no dates are available. But my upgrade in Jan 2013. Just nEed a good phone next 6 months. My functions needed Text, calls, heavy email, facebook, twitter. I would like to use instagram- any word if its coming to WP7 ?

    07-15-2012 08:03 PM
  2. Duvi's Avatar
    The Lumia 900 has already been released on AT&T.

    If you're looking for a device because of the issues your 9930 is having, IMO, it would be worth getting it. When the new one gets released, you'll still be eligible when your upgrade date comes.
    07-15-2012 08:19 PM
  3. fwaits's Avatar
    I would say getting a cheap one used for the interim is a good plan so you can upgrade to a next gen WP8 device on VZW by January. I'm using one now and it's not a bad phone at all overall, just a bit lackluster in design. There is no official Instagram app for WP yet, and haven't heard any solid plans for one as yet, but who knows. If Facebook completes the purchase, maybe that will speed things up. I do believe there is an Instagram viewer app though, and some similar photo filter/social network apps for WP however if that fits the bill for you.
    07-15-2012 10:10 PM
  4. scottcraft's Avatar
    Buying a cheap used trophy to get by until you can upgrade is a good idea. It's definitely a solid phone.

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    07-15-2012 10:30 PM
  5. pmhgeneral's Avatar
    Yes i would get it (trophy) with out even thing it will be a good learning phone i love my phone very easy to learn and when the wp8 comes out you can sell it.
    07-17-2012 01:57 PM
  6. HeyCori's Avatar
    Only if you can get one used, sub 200 dollars.
    07-17-2012 04:49 PM
  7. odin09's Avatar
    As long as it's cheap... Trophy is a boring phone but a solid performer. I am looking forward to wp8 but love my trophy.

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    07-17-2012 06:43 PM
  8. camaroz1985's Avatar
    The trophy is back up to $179.99 with VZW now. That is crazy.

    With the new shared data, and unlimited calling on AT&T, I now see no need to stay with Verizon. (Plus it is $20/month cheaper at AT&T than at Verizon, with 2 phones and 4GB data.) I only switched because most of our friends and family had Verizon, and my fiancee would have easily gone over minutes if not for the unlimited in network calling. I have worse coverage at home with Verizon, and the lack of new Windows Phone devices has pushed me over the edge. When my contract is up I will be switching back to AT&T.

    Sorry for my rant. My main point was its not worth getting a new Trophy as others have said, but my side point is look at AT&T too.

    Edit: Oops I see now you are still under contract for a while. Look for a used one.
    07-18-2012 09:49 AM
  9. CHIP72's Avatar
    Foreverme - the simple answer is yes.
    07-18-2012 09:45 PM
  10. RobCRD's Avatar
    I'll add my two cents and go along with the crowd -- if you can get one for relatively cheap (and it looks like you could probably get one for less than $100 on ebay judging by the prices now) then I would totally go for it. I think it's a nicely built, good looking phone that'll get you a good introduction into the Windows Phone world. And then, just as you're really getting used to it, you'll be able to upgrade to a WP8 phone! Win all the way around!
    07-22-2012 03:19 PM
  11. 11B1P's Avatar
    If you can find one cheap, go for it. One thing to keep in mind. When looking at phones, you can't wait for the next greatest phone in "a couple months". Because when those couple of months are up, the manufacturers are going to be promoting the NEXT greatest phone "in a couple MORE months". It's a never ending cycle. You have to buy a phone at some point, otherwise you always be waiting. Now in this case, I would buy a Trophy off contract, then when WP8 is released, BAM, go for a new one.
    07-22-2012 07:34 PM
  12. TrophyNostalgia's Avatar
    The HTC Trophy has been my first smartphone and primary smartphone for some time. While it is not a "high-end phone". It is a solid phone in performance. The Windows Phone OS is designed perfectly for your needs of heavy email, texting, and social site integration.

    I have about six email accounts tied to my HTC Trophy and can browse through them and get updates with only a few glances and clicks. In my opinion it is the smoothest and best option out there for email functionality. The UI for texting and social updates is stream-lined really well, in a matter of seconds through one posting you can update Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and more.

    Perhaps I'm biased, but I have nothing but praise for Windows Phone and the HTC Trophy. I have had my phone for a little over a year now and it has NEVER froze on me. Once in a blue moon a hiccup or few seconds delay, but it is the first phone I can truthfully say to have never frozen up on me.
    If you can find the HTC Trophy for semi-cheap I would have no hesitation in going for it. Just be aware in October-December Microsoft is announcing Windows Phone 8 with likely indication of expanding Windows Phone handsets within Verizon. So if you're wanting the HTC Trophy for a sort of Interim phone I would say just do it, and it will serve you well. I recently got the HTC Trophy for my sister, new for $50 and she also had nothing but praise for it (and she is picky). So be aware new stuff is coming, but if you need something now, the HTC Trophy is a solid choice. Good luck with your decision!

    *(Edit: Regarding Instagram, I do not believe it is currently available, however I have come across many comparable apps to Instagram in the Windows Phone Marketplace so you should be able to find something that will suit your needs.)
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    08-21-2012 09:06 AM