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    I've been dealing with this for about a month now. I got my phone 2 months ago and got marketplace updates for the first week. After that I've had nothing, there are a few apps that I know have had updates and can't seem to get them, even doing the trick of going to it in marketplace, backing out, and going back in, that does nothing either. Also did a factory reset and it doesn't seem to have helped, actually downloaded one of the apps I was having issues with and it downloaded the same version I had before (not the current that has the fix for the achievements).

    Ps: I never got a notification for the phone update we just had either, found out about it from a buddy and plugged into the computer to see if it would help, but also doesn't seem to have helped this issue. It's not a big issue, but I love my phone and this is starting to bother me a bit.

    Thanks for any help
    08-07-2012 04:33 PM