1. eagletreo's Avatar
    I purchased a manufacture refurbished Trophy and am having all sorts of issues with the screen that seem to be software related. For example:

    -Trying to scroll through a web page sometimes works. Most of the time as I swipe with one finger the page goes crazy, zooming in and out, or just not scrolling. I'm able to click on some links and not others.

    -When trying to rearrange tiles on the home screen I select the tile and attempt to slide it around the screen. Sometimes it follows, most of the time it doesn't. It may follow my movements horizontally but not vertically for example.

    -On the calculator one row of buttons doesn't work.

    -On the list of apps screen i am sometimes unable to select certain apps...even it I touch directly over the app, it selects the app above or below it.

    And then other times the screen works perfectly leading me to believe it's a software issue.

    I understand there's no way to "calibrate" the screen but is there any other possible fixes?

    08-18-2012 02:13 PM