1. kingenu's Avatar
    i wrote this as a reply on a thread but felt i should share my view.

    Apple to me could afford not to catch up with android ASAP because they knew people could jail break it, if im missing a feature when i had my iphone, i searched ways of getting it and 90% of the time it was available on cydia, this meant i didn't have to leave the OS to get a feature i needed, all i had to do was jailbreak. e.g replying to texts from other apps has been available on cydia since ios 3 i think and through bitesms on cydia

    But with windows phone, i can't do that, i have to move OS if i want that particular feature. now im not saying they should allow us to jailbreak WP, im fine with no jailbreaks being aloud and stuff like that on windows phone but in order for me to stay with the OS.

    i need to know that features that are required come as soon as possible. , on windows phone there is no other way of getting it, so because of that my expectation is now i expect to see it between the first GDR or the second one.

    so to me, jailbreaking is/was a way that indirectly allow apple to overcome lack of features. e.g widgets have been available on cydia(the apple jailbreak store) for a few years now so if you wanted it that badly you could get it and now they're just introducing it as an official part of the OS.

    i truely like windows phone, i could have own a 5s if i want as i buy my phone outright with no contracts and it has to last me a year or two but i choose a windows phone so don't start saying "go to ios then"
    06-02-2014 04:21 PM
  2. mister2d's Avatar
    The potential to earn more revenue is what's different. Much more people using iOS than Windows Phone.
    06-02-2014 06:42 PM

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