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    Edit --->> 12 September (damn fingers)

    Just a thread to discuss the Apple announcements today. Hardware and iOS should be announced.

    Watching right now. The vibe is more pretentious than usual and that's saying a lot.

    Just announced - Apple Watch is now number one watch in the world (per Tim Cook)

    Highlights (sorry for any typos)

    *** View of "Steve Jobs Theater" and of its new "Apple Park"
    *** Cook mentioned victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma
    *** Update on Retail
    *** Apple Watch - Order Sept 15 --> available Sept 22 --> $399 w cellular ($329 non cellular)

    • Apple Heart Study - uses data from watch to analyze Atrial Fib
    • WatchOS 4 will be available September 19th.
    • Apple Watch Series 3 has cellular built in (via eSim) - same size case as series 2
    • new dual-core processor
    • new Bluetooth chip
    • new Bracelet colors

    *** Apple TV - Order Sept 15 --> available Sept 22

    • 4K - HDR 10 and Dolbyvision
    • Demo in Steve Jobs Theater - Spiderman clip
    • Automatic Upgrade to 4K HDR titles already purchased through iTunes
    • Games - New offering "Sky" announced

    *** iPhone - Order Sept 15 --> available Sept 22

    • iPhone 8 (4.7") + 8 Plus (5.5")
    • Glass front and back
    • Available in Silver, Space Gray, Gold
    • Audio Improvements - Louder & Deeper bass
    • A11 Chip
    • 8 -> New 12mp sensor
    • 8 Plus -> 2 new sensors gives 3D ability for depth map
    • New Video Encoder
    • 1080P 240FPS (slow-motion)
    • Low Light 60FPS
    • AR Kit
    • Augmented Reality Demo (Directive Games)
    • Wireless - LTE Advance
    • Glass back enables wireless charging (Qi)
    • iPhone 8 -> 64GB, 256GB Starting $699
    • iPhone 8 Plus -> 64GB, 256GB Starting $799
    • iOS 11 availabe Sept 19th

    *** 10th Aniversary iPhone X - Ordering starting Oct 27 --> available Nov 3

    • Stainless Steel band, Glass front and back
    • Available in Grey Silver
    • Super Retina Display (OLED) 1236 x 1125 485dpi, supports HDR
    • A11 Bionic chip with a special part of it called "neural engine" to run machine learning and AI software
    • Raise to wake, or tap on screen
    • No more home button - replaced with swipe up gesture (same as muli tasking)
    • Facial Recognition - FaceID for login
    • Stats for fingerprint 1 in 50K, for facial ID 1 in 1M
    • Specialized Front camera to enable Face ID
    • Aemoji - animated emoji's
    • Dual Optical Image Stabilization
    • Battery lasts 2 more hours than iPhone 7
    • Qi Carging - wireless charging
    • New Charging pad (charges new watch and ear pods) called AirPower
    • 64GB, 256GB Starting $999
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    09-12-2017 12:21 PM
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    The new generation of iPhones got Qi wireless charging, iPhone X got it's gestures. I'm happy!
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    09-12-2017 01:33 PM
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    Excellent job on the highlights!

    I think it's kind of disappointing that the iPhone 8s look exactly like the 7s but at least it has wireless charging. That's good to see.

    As for the X, I was impressed with some things but not others. It's a good start, it makes me think of the Essential Phone since both look the same, but it's like a big brother to it lol.
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    09-12-2017 02:36 PM
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    The iPhone 8 does not look very interesting, unless the iPhone X FaceID system doesn't work properly. We will have to wait for the reviews
    10-10-2017 01:41 AM

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