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    Install windows 10 on Lenovo tablet 2

    1.I used 4 usb port. To connect a mouse and keyboard and the usb with window 10 pro full install.
    2. I then went on the usb with the window 10 pro and right clicked on the file setup.exe to run as administrator.
    3. I then went trhought the option and chose the save nothing option. You will the two check marks install windows 10 and keep all my file. Do not go next click on the small writing and choose save nothing.
    4.Now install windows 10. It will take awhile to install.
    5.Now wil see the setup part where you use the keyboard to input name of computer then use express setings. Done.
    6.Now you can go to the Lenovo support page and scan for drivers. Install all the programs to start the scan.
    7.The critical one install power management, then scroll down to the bottom and download the intel graphics driver for windows 8.1.
    8.Install the graphics driver and restart.
    9.Then you see that the text in Cortana search box does not show. Do not worry.
    10. type in fonts in the search. Click on fonts control panel. Click on (adjust clear type fonts)
    11. Go through the steps and pick all the boxes with the darkest text.
    Then you see the text will show next type you use the search box.
    That is it. I have already done this and it is working perfectly for me.

    10-26-2016 09:37 PM

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