1. babeboi's Avatar
    Hey, I'm thinking to buy LG Optimus 7 soon. Please give me some information about its battery life..

    How is battery going with 3G and sync. on with an average usage?

    08-25-2012 10:06 AM
  2. andystech's Avatar
    With 3G & sync I get about 2 days with a bit of general use.
    11-21-2012 05:22 AM
  3. Kontekst's Avatar
    if you're buying it new, battery life can be awesome.

    just remember to avoid charging it too often or when it's still pretty up and using the power safing option in the settings. disabling GPS and wifi if your outside is also helpful.
    i'm on my Optimus 7 half of the day and i got 60% left when i get home after a long day.
    so be optimistic, this phone is pretty big and heavy, but the battery is pretty good, the screen is clear and the glass doesn't break too easily - if you don't throw it out the window.
    i dropped it like 10 times on concrete, it just got some scratches on the bottom plastics.

    good choice, though it is 1st generation.
    05-17-2013 05:27 PM