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    I've been reading thru some posts and it seems that I'm not the only iPhone 4S guy switching to the Lumia 900. One of the most important things for me was iTunes, iPhoto, iCal and Contact to sync like they do on my iDevices.
    I'm happy to say that the Lumia 900 is 100% syncable with Mac.
    Here's how to do it with a Mac Computer.

    1. From the Mac App Store, download Windows Phone 7 Connector.
    This will allow you to sync iTunes (DRM Free), as well as iPhoto. This FREE app is a MUST, it works just like plugging in your iPhone, it auto syncs, grabs your photos and videos off your Lumia and puts them in iPhoto as well as syncing all your iTunes media. A top selling point for us Mac guys.

    To sync iCloud with iCal and Contacts, this is how I have it, I'm not saying its the best way, but this way it syncs both ways on my Lumia, Wifes iPhones, 3 iMacs, 2 iPads, you get the idea.

    2. Download a Paid program called Busy Cal, this program is going to sync iCloud with Google, so your going to need a Gmail account. I wont go into how to setup Busy Cal, but it works great to sync both ways with iCloud and Google for Contacts and Calendar.

    Once you have this setup its time to get on the Lumia 900.
    Check out this article and it will link you to a google site to enable your calanders to sync from Google to the Lumia 900.
    Sync multiple Google Calendars to Windows Phone
    This is the site to go to on the Lumia 900

    Once you have that done, add your Google account on the phone and make sure your Contacts and Calendars boxes are checked.

    That's should now allow you to sync in both directions with your Mac/iCloud and the Nokia Lumia 900.
    04-16-2012 09:19 AM