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    I somehow didn't notice this section of the forum until I had already created this eBay listing: HTC Radar 4G (Latest Model) - 8GB - White (T-Mobile) Smartphone 610214628138 | eBay, but there it is, in case anyone's interested.

    I somewhat regret selling the phone, but I just wasn't using it enough to justify keeping it--except to play Wordament! I found that I was carrying and using my BB 9900 as my actual phone, and playing Wordament on wifi without even putting the SIM in. Someone else will make better use of it, I'm sure.


    Item Description: HTC Radar locked to T-Mobile US, listed on eBay
    Price: $200 or winning bid
    Condition: Very lightly used; no discernible blemishes
    Includes: Unused AC charger and cable; clear flexible case
    Location: Philadelphia, USA
    Shipping: USPS
    Payment options: PayPal or check, if buyer is willing to wait for it to clear
    Contact info: PM here or ubizmo at yahoo dot com
    Photo: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3576175/radar.jpg
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