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    The phone has been sold, mods please lock this thread. Thank you.

    Price: $400, shipping included in US
    Condition: Like new
    Includes: box, charger, cable
    Item Location: Oklahoma
    Shipping Details: UPS preferred, but buyers choice
    Payment Options: Paypal only
    Contact Info: private message
    Photos: Below; sorry for the quality, all I have to take pictures is my Surface

    Before I put this on ebay, I'd like to offer this to my friends here. It's a like-new white 920, locked to AT&T. I've been babying the heck out of this phone because I knew I would be selling it, or returning it. Here's the rub: I can't sell the phone until Dec 3-7 (estimate). The full story is below so as not to waste anyone's time. I'm putting it up now so if someone here wants it, they can let me know. Obviously, I won't expect any PayPal transactions until I'm ready to ship the phone. If I don't get any interest before then, it goes on eBay.

    As far as existing issues, I'd call this one pretty close to perfect. I haven't had any of the battery problems some are reporting. I do notice it gets warm occasionally, but never hot. I'd call the vibrate medium. It's not the quiet hum I had with my 3rd 900, but it's also not the incredibly loud, broken sound that I had with my first 900. The body, screen, etc are perfect. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I'll get some pictures up as soon as I can.

    Backstory: I ordered a yellow 920 from AT&T. I asked repeatedly if it was on backorder, and was told no. I put my 900 on eBay, and it sold pretty quickly. As we all know, the yellow 920's are indeed on backorder. I went ahead and purchased this white 920 (at full price) because I need a phone (and who am I kidding: I'm a tech addict and wanted it). My intention was to return the white 920 when the yellow one was delivered. Well, today is 14 days, and the yellow is nowhere in sight. I cancelled the yellow order, and re-ordered the white. It should be here on Monday. So, I'll be selling this white 920, which is probably justified since I originally purchased it with the intention of returning it.

    Thanks for looking


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