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    Tough decision here. Love the phone, missing some of the specialized apps I need for work. Going to give it another try in 6 months when I am due for an upgrade.

    The phone is in like new condition and has been wrapped in a Zagg (Dry Install) full body cover since new. I have been using this one for about 10 days (long story, had a 920, traded for an iPhone, missed 920 and returned it for this one.)

    First time selling here but I have sold literally 100's of items on a golf forum and can provide references there or on ebay. Like the golf clubs I sell, if this arrives and the buyer is unhappy I will refund payment without question. Only condition is that I am notified within24 hours of delivery and buyer pays return shipping.

    Price is negotiable. I think this is a reasonable price, but if it seems out of line PM me and we will try and work out a deal.

    My price includes domestic shipping. I will ship overseas but buyer will need to pay actual shipping costs and duties etc. I ship USPS Priority with insurance and will ship within 24 hours of payment. Accept PayPal payments. Phone and charger will ship in original packaging with all cords, manuals etc. included. I will also include a copy of the original receipt (with personal info redacted of course.)

    Here is the full information:

    • Item Description: Nokia 920, black. Includes Nokia charging plate. Currently covered with a Zagg dry skin
    • Price: $350 (negotiable)
    • Condition: Used but as new. 10 days old.
    • Includes: All original items and packaging. Includes charging plate.
    • Item Location: Sebastian, FL
    • Shipping Details: Domestic shipping included. Ships USPS Priority within 24 hours of payment (normally faster. Excludes Saturdays and holidays)
    • Payment Options: PayPal payments
    • Contact Info: Via PM here or by email - scubus at mac dot com You will probably receive a response a little faster via email.
    • Photos: Additional photos available by email
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