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    Selling a Nokia Lumia 920 in great condition.

    It does have a slight scuff/discoloration in the top right side. The case it comes with does a good job at covering it up for the most part. Other than that its in great shape!

    Interested in possible trades. Note II specifically, but maybe others.

    Thanks guys!

    Item Description: White Lumia 920
    Condition:Great shape. *Very slight* scuff on top side.
    Includes: Nokia Wireless Charging stand, Incipio Feather Case, Stand AC Home Charger. Also have the original packaging for phone and charger.
    Item Location: Nashville, TN
    Shipping Details: $10 will need to be added into the price for shipping.
    Payment Options:Paypal will be accepted for online transaction. Cash for local pickup.
    Contact Info:PM me here, or email me at lucas.scott@outlook.com. Email is probably the best route.

    02-12-2013 07:55 PM

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