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    Item Description: A minty Verizon HTC 8X in black with a Energizer QI charger

    Price: $325 If paid via paypal gift, $350 if not paid via paypal gift (Plus $10 for shipping)

    I have been selling on ebay for years, look over my feedback, I do not play around with this, If I am selling something you will get it in the same shape as listed in the time frame I quote you.

    Carrier Locked or Unlocked? :All Verizon HTC 8X phones are carrier unlocked
    Condition: Perfect shape, no corner issues or scraches on screen, this is adult owned, I take very good care of my items
    Includes: comes with HTC charger(still in plastic), HTC Sync/charge cable, HTC Headphones and a Energizer wireless QI charger with it's powercord
    Item Location: Zip 06339
    Shipping Details: Free will ship via USPS priority mail flat rate box most places should have it in 2-3 days. It will not ship towards the end of next week.
    Payment Options: Paypal is acceptable (would prefer payment as a gift to avoid fees) and cash for local. If you want to mail a money order, the cost will be higher for holding it but, I will accept it

    Contact Info - Please PM or post below, if you want to email me directly, My WPcentral user name @ hotmail.com

    Note: Phone is still under warranty with Verizon/HTC



    Drop me a PM or email me (as listed above) with any questions
    Last edited by DavidinCT; 07-01-2013 at 12:10 PM. Reason: Lowered price
    03-22-2013 08:42 PM
  2. DavidinCT's Avatar
    It will be going to ebay tonight.... So if you have a question or have a REASONABLE offer, drop me a PM or email me...
    03-24-2013 12:11 PM
  3. DavidinCT's Avatar
    03-26-2013 09:49 PM
  4. DavidinCT's Avatar
    Lowered price, as long as agreed to terms. Only for WP central users who are interested.

    Ebay or who buys it here first. If someone agrees and pays I will pull the auction down ASAP. If you want to know what type of seller I am, look over my feedback on ebay, I have been on from 1997 and sold about 40-50 things over the years with 100% perfect feedback.
    03-27-2013 04:35 PM
  5. DavidinCT's Avatar
    Now $450 shipped as long as used paypal as a gift (or $475)
    04-03-2013 03:18 PM
  6. bigkevbosky's Avatar
    I get the Energizer charger thing is included, so that's at least $50-$75, but why is the price so high?

    You can get a NEW Verizon 8X on Ebay for $329. The reason phones don't sell as well on WPCentral is because everyone is about $50 - $75 too high.
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    04-03-2013 03:32 PM
  7. DavidinCT's Avatar
    Well, if you think its too high, make me a fair offer, asking price and selling price is different.
    04-14-2013 12:05 PM
  8. gapost's Avatar
    A fair price, based on Ebay sales, is about $350. Your auction, now priced at $399 seems a little high. If you are willing to take offers, why not put a Make Offer option on your listing. You are going keep paying ebay listing fees.
    04-14-2013 12:36 PM
  9. DavidinCT's Avatar
    A fair price, based on Ebay sales, is about $350. Your auction, now priced at $399 seems a little high. If you are willing to take offers, why not put a Make Offer option on your listing. You are going keep paying ebay listing fees.
    If your interested, send me an offer via PM. I would rather sell it here because of Fees from ebay and paypal (Final auction value of 10%, Shipping fee, Paypal fee, etc)

    If someone on eBay is interested, then $400 with the wireless charger is a fair deal ($325-350 for the phone and $50-75 for a charger that is valued at $90). Right now by listing that auction like it is, there is no listing fee but, if I do a price or best offer, there is a $0.50 fee.

    I have to have it higher to cover fees, If someone here wants it, how's this.... $350 for the phone (with charger, cable and USB car charger) and if you want it with the QI charger that is worth $90, then $400. IF paid via PayPal gift (if not by gift, add 4% to cover all paypal fees)

    And NO I am not selling the QI charger apart, so please don't ask ! Thanks !
    04-14-2013 02:11 PM
  10. DavidinCT's Avatar
    Make me a fair offer if your interested...
    04-18-2013 10:52 PM
  11. DavidinCT's Avatar
    Bump, I think the price is fair with the $90 QI charger, make a fair offer if you think it's too high.
    04-29-2013 01:31 PM
  12. DavidinCT's Avatar
    Lowered price and on ebay. If you make me an offer here, I will pull the auction down..
    05-10-2013 10:39 AM
  13. DavidinCT's Avatar
    Lowed Price to $349.99, If you buy it here (not on ebay) and pay as a gift, I will pay for shipping (free shipping). Once I have paypal payment I will pull down the auction and I will ship out the phone in less than 48 hours with a trackable carrier.

    If you feel safter doing on ebay, make a fair offer. I would prefer it here to cut down the fees
    05-13-2013 02:45 PM
  14. DavidinCT's Avatar
    Lowered, this is the lowest I will go, If the phone drops in price any more, I will remove the charger. MUST be paid as paypal gift or add 3% and $18 for shipping (if paid by gift on paypal, I will cover USPS Priorty mail shipping, FAST)
    05-17-2013 10:34 AM
  15. pappy53's Avatar
    PM sent.
    05-24-2013 05:26 PM
  16. pappy53's Avatar
    PM replied to.
    05-24-2013 11:15 PM
  17. DavidinCT's Avatar
    PM replied to.
    and replied to again
    05-25-2013 12:34 PM
  18. DavidinCT's Avatar
    and replied to...again
    05-25-2013 02:52 PM
  19. DavidinCT's Avatar
    05-26-2013 12:40 PM
  20. DavidinCT's Avatar
    Bump ! This is still for sale and is a really nice phone ! Make a fair offer if your interested, the worse I can say is no, right ?
    06-26-2013 08:25 PM
  21. DavidinCT's Avatar
    Mods, this was sold, please close..
    07-01-2013 12:10 PM

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