1. squadz's Avatar
    Item Description: LNIB Microsoft Surface Pro 2 (128GB) with the Black Type Cover 2 and a Case that can hold everything.
    Price: $1100
    Condition: 10/10. Literally perfect condition.
    Includes: Everything. Tablet, Type Cover, Case, Stylus, Charger, Boxes etc.
    Item Location: Greater Toronto Area, local deals only
    Shipping Details: N/A, not shipping
    Payment Options: Cash only
    Photos: Picture attached.
    Contact Info - Please PM or post below (do not post your email address)
    Attached Thumbnails 20140317_181424.jpg  
    03-18-2014 07:41 AM
  2. hopmedic's Avatar
    Good luck with your sale. Might I suggest adding a picture with the case?
    03-18-2014 09:33 AM
  3. squadz's Avatar
    Well, I could, here it is: Amazon.com: Kensington Soft Carrying Case for for iPad 4/3/2/1, Nexus 10, and Surface Pro: Computers & Accessories

    The case was more of a throw in, I hope no one is spending $1000 for a $20 case. :)

    Price drop to $1000.
    03-19-2014 07:42 AM
  4. squadz's Avatar
    Bump, price drop to $950. First come first serve.
    03-20-2014 08:16 AM
  5. squadz's Avatar
    Price drop to $900
    03-21-2014 08:39 AM
  6. Verkunder's Avatar
    Wish I had the cash!
    03-21-2014 12:20 PM
  7. squadz's Avatar
    Bump for a great price.
    03-23-2014 08:59 AM
  8. hopmedic's Avatar
    Great price - a couple months ago I gave $900 for the same PC with the black TypeCover 2, in a similar deal here on the site. Someone's gonna get a great deal when they find this listing.
    explosive0 likes this.
    03-23-2014 04:51 PM
  9. Alienhead95's Avatar
    What trades are you interested in?
    03-30-2014 11:04 PM

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